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Nursery 2017-2018

MAY 2018


All parents and carers are invited to attend our:


Family Snack and Summer Sports

Tuesday 28th May              8.45 -10 am      or       2 - 3 pm

Monday    4th June             8.45 -10 am      or       2 - 3 pm


Family Snack and Tumble Sports

Monday    4th June             8.45 - 10 am     or       2 - 3 pm


Please sign up on our nursery noticeboard if you wish to attend these great events.


APRIL 2018

In nursery we are learning about:

School Values

In particular we are looking at our core value - RESPECT

Respect is:

    how you treat people

    how you treat places

    how you treat things - yours and others.

Please ask us about our learning.


Tea Break 

Mondays       2 pm

All parents / carers are welcome to join Miss Lennon for a cup of tea, biscuits and a chat in Room 6. 

Please see the nursery staff for more information or pop along on a Monday.


Family Engagement - PEEP Group

Tuesdays     11 am

Fridays          2 pm

Miss Lennon is really enjoying the groups which support parents / carers, babies and children to learn and build on what families are already doing.


Wednesday 18th April - Makaton Taster Session

Come and join in / see what your children having being learning.

We have a crèche available (first come, first served).  Please see the nursery or  Miss Lennon if you would like to attend. 


MARCH 2018

As the children have become interested in planting, we are entering the Gardening Scotland competition in June.  This month we are using our nurturing skills to care for our sunflowers which we wish to enter.  Please come in and have a look at our efforts.  We will also have created a Garden Centre shop in our nursery library area as we learn and gain knowledge about our plants.

We are also learning about shapes in the nursery.  What shapes can you spot in the environment at home?  Adults and carers are very welcome to join us for family breakfasts (please keep an eye on the noticeboard).  We will be having lots of different shaped toast (depending on Mrs McDougall and her helper's cutting skills).

Through our planting we are reading Jack and the Beanstalk.

If you have and junk - e.g. cardboard boxes, newspaper etc. - please hand into nursery as we hope to create and build a giant beanstalk.

We will be talking a lot about Achieving as that is our Wellbeing focus throughout March.  If you have any personal achievement's from home (for example helping your adult or putting on your own jacket or swimming)  you would like to share with your key worker - please let us know.


Word Aware

Our words we are learning about are:







Please ask us about our learning.

Many Thanks,

The Nursery Team



Feelings for February

We have been learning about 'nurture'. If you nurture something such as a young child or a young plant, you care for it while it is growing and developing.

We are learning that our adult's job is to care for us and look after us.

We are talking and thinking about our feelings in February.





Wednesday 31st January 2018                  8.45-9.30am     11-11.45am     2-3pm

Once in a 'blue moon' treat.

Please come along to the nursery for hot chocolate and a look through your child's learning profile.


Nursery Registration

Was your child born between 1st March 2014 and 28th February 2016?

Please come into school before 14th February 2018 to register your child for the nursery session 2018-2019.

If you wish further information please speak to the nursery staff or visit www. pkc.gov.uk/preschool.


Incredible Years

Our Incredible Years Programme is starting up again on Thursdays for parents / carers.

If you are interested or have any questions please come along to the Drop In Session on

Thursday 25/01/18                                9-10.30 am      12noon - 1.30pm.


December 2017

Week beginning 18/12/17

Seasonal family events in nursery

All parents and carers are invited to a festive stay and play session.

Monday 18th December          8.45 am      12.03pm

Tuesday 19th December         8.45am       12.03pm

Wednesday 20th December    8.45am        2.15pm

Please sign up, in nursery, to the session that best suits you and your child.

We look forward to sharing our learning with you.


A little reminder:

-  Please see your child's keyworker to discuss their report and their learning this term.

-  Winter Term ends on Friday 22nd December at 11.57am


Week beginning 11/12/17 

We have had great fun this week learning to be creative and experiencing enjoyment through music.  Children have been performing and creating their own music as well as learning makaton to go with our festive songs for our adults next week.    

Outside we have been enjoying the snow.  In particular, we have lots of budding scientists in nursery - inquiring, predicting and investigating how water can change from one form to another.

Friday - A big thank you to Our Lady's Primary School Nursery who invited us to their Christmas Concert. 

What a lovely end to the nursery week. 



Book Week beginning Monday 27th November 2017

We have been up visiting P3/4 for Paired reading. 


Our nursery children have loved having visits from Daisy and Mya on Tuesday afternoons.


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November 2017

Stay and Play and Learn Together

Snack and chat in the nursery.

Week beginning 6th November

Morning and all day children's parents / carers are invited to join us for breakfast and blether from 8.45 - 9.45am.

- Plum tree group with Mrs McDougall:    Monday

- Pear tree group with Mrs Clark:             Tuesday

- Apple Tree group with Mrs McIIvride:    Wednesday

- Bramble group with Miss Watt:              Thursday

- Butterflies please see the Nursery Teacher

- Strong Start 2's Stay and Play is on Wednesday 8th November, as usual.

Our afternoon children are invited to 'snack and chat' from 12.03-1pm: Monday or Tuesday

Many Thanks,

The Nursery Team


October 2017

Welcome to our nursery class page.  On here, through the school app and twitter you will find out what we have been learning about in nursery.

We have been settling well into the nursery routines, learning lots of new and exciting ideas through play.

It has been lovely to see family members coming in to nursery and filling in your child's ALL ABOUT ME booklets for our learning books.  If you haven't had a chance yet, please speak to a member of staff who would be happy to arrange a suitable time to yourself.

It has also been wonderful to have family join us for STAY AND PLAY sessions.  We love having adults in to share our learning - please see our noticeboard or a member of staff for signing up for a Stay and Play session.

We have been learning about our WELLBEING WHEEL and in particular how to stay SAFE and INCLUDED.

"We hold hands on walks."

"play with my friends"

"we share some toys"

"share snack"

If your child is in nursery on Tuesday 31st October, they are invited to dress in appropriate Halloween outfits (sorry - no masks)

A little reminder:

- Nursery sessions are

AM: 8.45-11.57         PM: 12.03-3.15       Full day: 8.45-3.05

Please let us know if your child is unable to attend their session.

Nursery phone number : (01738) 477556 / 474193

- Remember a warm, waterproof jacket and wellies as we go outside every day and in all weathers.  Thank you for keeping a spare change of clothes on your child's peg.

Please speak to your child's key worker or the nursery teacher if you would like to chat about your child.  We are always happy to help and support you.

Keep checking here to see what we have been learning.

Many thanks,

The Nursery Team