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Primary 1/2

27 April 2018

Spring has sprung (finally). We have been observing all the signs of Spring in the playground and doing lots of learning. We made wonderful daffodil collages and labelled our pictures

"We did petals and we put some labels too!" - Maya

"I made my one - it was very hard. I put all As for my name." - Andrew

"I liked the petals and I liked when we wrote the tags on the things to write what the daffodil does." - Joshua.


We looked outside for the signs of SPRING!

  • You get daffodils - Jack
  • I think you get bluebells - Maya
  • We found the buds on the trees - Ross
  • We found lots of Spring flowers - Rosie
  • All the leafs coming ON to the trees - Cameron
  • Leaves start growing - Leah
  • Baby lambs -Kendal
  • Baby chickens - Callum


 We also did some amazing writing about Spring. We used our sounds and our tricky words to help us spell the words and we tried hard to remember to use finger spaces and put in a full stop.

We have also been learning a new story about Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. Ask your child to tell it to you!

We learned a new song - I Like the Flowers and have been enjoying trying to sing it in a round. "I have loved the song we have been singing about Spring," says Cameron.

Giraffe's Can't Dance

We have loved our story, Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andrese and Guy Parker-Rees

Our words of the week were BRAVE and ENTRANCED. Please ask us to tell you about them. We had lots of fun trying out the dances - we have done the waltz, the cha-cha and the tango as well as Rock 'n' Rolling! We have made stunning pictures of Gerald the Giraffe, too!

23 March 2018

What a lot of learning has been happening this week?

Our word of the week is DISCOVER

It starts with a d

It has 3 claps

If you discover something you find something.

Ask me to show you the sign for discover.

Maths - we have been learning how to sort. We worked with a partner to problem solve how to sort out a street of houses. Some of us sorted the houses by door colour. Some of sorted by roof colour. Some of us sorted the houses by size. Some of us sorted the houses be number of windows. We learned that there are lots of different ways to sort things.


In Get Together we learned about the Learning Pit.



16 March 2018


Ice Age

"We have been learning about woolly mammoths" said Cameron.

"I really like how the woolly mammoth bones were in the ice and we needed to melt the ice," said Jack.

"I kinda liked when I got one bone out!" said Joshua.

"I learned about Sabre Tooth Tigers and I like his teeth," said Maya.

"I do like when I cracked the ice to get the bones out. That's how I got most of the bones out!" said Connor.

"We have been learning about dinosaur bones too!" said Kendal.

"Extinct means that there are no woolly mammoths in the world," said Ozcan.

"I am sad because I didn't get a fossil out," said Callum.






8 March 2018

Home Learning

Continuing on from World Book Day, please share a story with your child for at least 10 minutes a day. Everyone received their World Book Day books today, so why not sit down with your child and enjoy a story.


Talk to me about the word terrible

What does it mean?  If something is terrible it is really bad

Context:  The Gruffalo had terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.

Action:  Ask your child to show you the action.

Sounds: Clap it out. What does it start with?


·         try to use the word where ever you can

·         try to think up some examples of terrible things and not terrible things



We have been busy learning all about archaeologists. An archaeologist is a person who finds out about what happened a long, long time ago. We have been digging for bones, looking at fossils and putting bones together!




11 December

We made a fire and looked at the flickering flames on a frosty morning. We practised telling our story "Let Me Come In!" and singing "When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney". Please ask us to retell the story and practise singing the song with all the actions.





1 December


What a busy week celebrating Scottish Book Week. We have been to the library and had a lovely time listening to stories and singing songs. We were all super stars, walking all the way down to A K Bell Library. We walked carefully and listened to the adults - making sure we were all safe. Jill said that the class had blown the biggest raspberry that had ever been heard in the library.

"I liked looking at the books!" said Rosie.

" I liked cuddling the teddies and the puppets," said Logan.

"I liked the story about the T Rex who was scared of the dark," said Devin.

Thank you to the parent helpers who were superstars too!





10th November

Our sound of the week is g. We thought up lots of words that have a g in them: gargle, garden, good, gate, dig etc.

We made firework pictures using pastels. Next time we will all remember to pull our sleeves up before we start! We had great fun doing this and also thought of the fireworks we saw.

  • "They look like the sun!"
  • "They look like shadows."
  • "They look like flowers."
  • "There are sparkling ones."
  • "There are golden ones."
  • "They are shooting up in the air."

Word Aware - ask me about these words!

Afraid means to be scared. In the story "The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark", Plop is afraid of the dark. We talked about things that we are afraid of. We made a pictograph to show how many people were afraid of the dark and how many were not.

3 people were afraid of the dark. !4 people were not afraid of the dark. Brave bunch :) !

Dark is when there is no light. At night time it gets dark. When someone turns off the light, it gets dark. We talked about the things we do when it gets dark. Ask me about the word dark. It has ... clap. It starts with a ... . It rhymes with .... When it gets dark...

Nocturnal - a nocturnal animal is one that is awake at night and sleeps during the day.

We watched a clip about Remembrance Day and made poppies. We had a 2 minute silence to REMEMBER.


3rd November

Word Aware


Definition - Autumn is a season when all the leaves change colour and fall of the trees.

We have had lots of fun outside on our Autumn hunts; finding leaves, twigs, berries, apples and spider webs. One windy day we threw leaves up into the air - they flew into the fence! We had a class pumpkin and watched Room on the Broom to celebrate Halloween.


"This is the best fun I've ever had!" said Connor.

Please ask us to tell you the story of the Little Red Hen. We performed it in front of the P2s and Nursery, doing a fantastic job of acting out the story and remembering the words. We made bread and butter.




29 September


We have been very busy this week.

We have all been word wizards this week - we have been learning these words.

safe     determined    little    who

Please ask your child what they know about these words.

We have been exploring our new Numicon resources in maths. We were working with a partner to try to cover the baseboard - doing some terrific problem solving. We also had lots of fun using the Numicon shapes to print.



15 September 2017

Another busy week in P1/2.

Its' been Maths Week and we have been doing lots of counting, shape activities and measurement. We buddied up with the P6s and did lots of fun counting activities with them.


Our Talking Words this week were: TALL, WORD and DEN.

We made a bears den in the classroom at Together Time and made lots of TALL structures.