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Primary 1 - Miss Creedican

February 2019

As we are now using Seesaw to share our learning journey, we will no longer be updating this page.  You can find out what we are up to and the fantastic progress we are making via Seesaw. 

Please see the class teacher if you are not signed up already and would like more information.

from P1


January 2019


This term we are learning about The Night Sky .

In class we had a Tawny Owl, a Barn Owl and a Pipistrelle Bat on loan from the museum.  If you would like to see them again they will be going back to the museum in town.


I like the owls or bat:

"because they are so fluffy" - LR

"because owls fly so silent" - NS

"because bats hang up" - JB

"My favourite owl has lots of colours." - RW

"My favourite owl is the Barn owl."


We also voted on our favourite of the animals.

The Pipistrelle Bat scored 8 votes

The Tawny Owl scored 1 vote

The Barn Owl scored 9 votes




We have been learning the ai, ay sound and are now looking at the oa, ow sound.



We are learning about time.  Please talk to us / tell us about the days of the week, seasons and night and day, especially nocturnal animals.


Our Scottish Assembly

We have been learning about rhyming words and in particular have looked at a few Scottish poems.

Please keep practising the Scottish poems that are in your homework packs.  You can choose your favourite one.


December 2018


We have had a busy few weeks preparing for the Fayre and practising for the concert.


Christmas Concert 19/12/18

Please come along and hear our story and song.


Christmas Fayre tomorrow 14/12/18 

Parent's and Carer's are invited to come along and try our:

  • Ring the Rudolf game
  • Chocolate Christmas trees
  • Chocolate snowmen
  • and the cards we have been making



Phonics - we are continuing to learn new sounds.  We have now learnt and are revising - g, o, u, l, ll, f, ff, ss, b, j. 

In class we are learning to recognise these new sounds and are practising telling our friends, blending and reading the sounds.  Keep practising at home too.



We are leaning to explore addition to 5 and 10. 

Keep practising different ways to make a number also e.g. 3+3=6, 5+1=6, 2+4=6. 

Our number of the day is 6.


Health and Wellbeing

Our focus this week is on Cooperation.  We have been learning to cooperate with others through our team working skills.


Home Learning

Our home learning bags have started to go out with our Word Aware books and reading books.  These go out on a Thursday.   Please return on the Monday to allow for reading in class and an update.


Story telling in St. John's Kirk 12/12/18

What a fabulous trip we had.  We got to sit in the spectacular church and listen to stories.  The stain glass windows were beautiful.  At the end, we got to perform our concert song - Little Donkey - at the front of the church with the pianist.


In class:

"We are learning about blending the sounds together." A.M.

"I like drawing." O.G.

"I like to read." N.S.

"My favourite thing is playing snap." R.N.

"I like to play Christmas snap." E.G.

"We have been learning to be kind and respectful to our friends." E.G.

"I liked the Little Red Elf story." LM + A.M.

"I sounded out the word 'taxi'." A.L.



November 2018

Home Learning

Wednesday 7th November Home learning event


October 2018


Week beginning 29.10.18

Literacy - phonics

This week we are looking at letters m and d and their sounds. 

Please look at the home learning page on the website for activities.


We are learning to count to 20.  We are also looking at identifying the number before, the number after and missing numbers in a sequence within 10.


Next week Home Learning Event - Wednesday 7th November 2018

On Wednesday we would love to invite parents and carers to come along to our information afternoon about Home Learning in P1 and P1/2.  Tea and coffee available.

During the afternoon we will be giving out information about:

  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics and reading
  • Games
  • Seesaw learning journal

Please come along to find out about strategies to support your child's learning.

From P1 and P1/2



Week beginning 22.10.18

Phonics - sounds

This week we are revising our Term 1 sounds - s, a, t, p, i, n, c, k, ck, h, e, r

Please look at the home learning page for activities to practise them at home.


Word Aware

Over the term we will be learning lots of new vocabulary to improve our listening and talking skills as well as helping us with our early reading and writing skills.

Our story this week and next is Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell. 

Our Word Aware words for this story are character, who (is in the story), doing (action), plan.


"My plan is to help the duck with the work."CW

"I liked the duck laughing." CMcM

"I like all of it.  I didn't like that the duck was working alone. LH

"I wonder why the duck was crying and why the man ran away.  The duck was crying cause no one helped him then there was a happy ending." EM

"I didn't like when the duck crying. I was going to help him get some air" AM


Some useful school information:

  • Children can bring a bottle to class for water
  • Please remember to bring your gym kits back to school with all clothing labelled
  • We will be continuing our outdoor learning. Please bring suitable clothing to keep dry and warm.



Week beginning 24.09.18

Book Fair

We visited the book fair today where we got a chance to see what is on offer.  It is open until Thursday if you wish to purchase any books.


Parent Contact

Parent contact is this week.  Please see the slips in your child's bag for your time.


The Little Red Hen

We are learning the story of The Little Red Hen. Each child has been retelling the story on Seesaw and in our Big Draw / Write jotters for you to see.  Please look at the home learning page for activity ideas to do at home with your child.

LR - "I like The Little Red Hen.  She ate the corn." 

LM - "I like the cat."

RN - "I like the hen."

LH - "My favourite part of the story is the hen found some corn."

NS - "I like the bull and the rat."


Phonics - We have been learning and practising our sounds.  The sounds we have started on are -  s, a, t, p, i, n. Please look at the home learning page for activity ideas to do at home.

LS - "I like learning about 't'." 

CW - "I like the learning about the sounds."


Numeracy - We are learning to count to 20.  Please ask us to show you the song we are singing to help us with our counting.

EM - "I like learning numbers.  I learn number songs"

OG - "I like writing numbers."

RI - "I like singing number songs."

CM - "My favourite learning is drawing numbers."

IR - "I like numbers. Lining them up and making a bridge."


Play - We are learning through our play.

JB - "I love playing with animals."

CD - "I like building"

AL - "My favourite bit is building."

JB - "I like playing in the outdoor classroom."

AM - " I like playing on the computers."

CW - "We sing number songs in the book."





WELCOME to all our new P1's, their parents and carers.

We have settled in well to our new classroom playing and exploring with our new friends. 

In both our indoor and outdoor classroom we are learning about our school values and routines and in particular - RESPECT.

Some useful information

  • School provides a social snack at break time for all children
  • You can bring a fresh water bottle to class daily
  • We have Music on a Wednesday with Mr Stephen
  • P.E. on a Monday with the class teacher, Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs Thompson
  • We will be taking part in daily outdoor learning - Please bring a waterproof coat everyday to school.  Welly boots would be great too
  • We are holding a STAY and PLAY session on Thursday 6th September for parents and carers to come into our classroom


Home Learning

  • Enjoy a daily story with your family.


Keep in touch

  • Please don't hesitate to get in touch at the end of the day.  I am always happy to help and support