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Primary 2

Primary 2 Blogging!

Week beginning 8.5.17

We have been continuing our dinosaur context this week.

“We’ve been learning about the dinosaurs’ names” (FM)

“Some dinosaurs are herbivores and some are carnivores” (BH)

“We have been labelling the dinosaurs – we’ve been putting on their claws and their weapons that they use to get food” (TH)

“We’ve been learning about their skin – we are trying to figure out what kind of colours they were and if they were scaly” (CS)

“I have enjoyed the dinosaur café role play area” (SS)

“I know that carnivores eat meat and herbivores eat plants” (KP)

“We’ve been learning about how tall and how wide dinosaurs were” (SK)

“We’ve learned that herbivores have flat teeth and carnivores have sharp teeth” (MMc)

“I know that the T-Rex was 5 metres tall but I want to know how long it was” (TG)

“We measured with toilet paper to see how tall dinosaurs were” (MM)

“We learned how wide and long dinosaurs were” (CB)

“I know that dinosaurs lived 265 million years ago” (CD)

We have also been doing some dinosaur research using the PBS Kids Dinosaur Train website and its Field Guide. The children are now experts at finding out about the dinosaurs using the Search tool, and looking at what food the dinosaurs ate, what size they were (measured in kids!) and even what they looked like in an x-ray! Why not explore the website together – the link is below:


There is also another excellent website from Sheppard Software, which includes dinosaur videos, dinosaur timelines, information about fossils and some great games. The link is below (please note, you need the Flash plug-in installed to be able to access the content):





Primary 2 Blogging!

Week beginning 20.3.17

Making our Pinocchio hat and nose!

On World Book Day, Primary 2 made Pinocchio hats and noses to dress up as Pinocchio.

“I liked making my nose because you had to change the circle into a cone!” SS

“My favourite part was the hat because we had to make a bigger circle into a smaller cone. We needed to work out how to keep our hats on our heads. I needed to put the string behind my ears!” TG

“I liked cutting out the Pinocchio arms and legs. I found it tricky joining them because I put split pins in the wrong place.” LF

“My favourite part was when I tried my best to make my arms move with some string and one bit of straw. I tried and tried again to make it work. The trickiest part was when I tried to stick the string onto it to make the arms move.” CB

Our Fantastic TOY Assembly

“We did an assembly about Toys and performed it to the audience. We did well  singing our Teddy Bear song because we had practised the words lots!” SK

Mrs Adamson was so proud of Primary 2 who did an amazing job standing on the stage and talking clearly and singing beautifully to the school, parents and family.

“Primary 2 would like to say thank you to the parents that were able to come.” CD

We are all very excited about sewing our very own teddy bears using a needle and thread!

Primary 2 had fun at their Share and Learn on Tuesday morning! They show cased activities that we do in class to help our learning.  “We liked showing our adults some of our learning.”

Learn Its

We are practising our Learn Its so we can recall them quickly! You will find them on the website.

Dazzling Digits Group and Sparkling Sum Group are working on step 5 Learn Its. Also work on the take away sum too! 4 + 2 = 6 so 6 – 2 = 4 and 6 – 4 = 2

Clever Counter Group is working on step 3 Learn Its and keep practising your doubles sums too!

Enjoy practising them a little and often at home!


P.2 Blogging!



Big Maths

We are working really hard on getting our Beat That answers correct and completing them quickly!



Primary 2 were playing with toys from the museum and we were learning about toys from long ago. We made up lots of questions to find out more about toys! We enjoyed playing with the toys.

E.g. “Is the toy cuddly?” and “What is it made of?”



Primary 2 did reading with Primary 5 children. We used the five finger rule with the help of our Primary 5 tutor. When we chose our book, we had to read the book together to start with and read on by ourselves.

“I love choosing a book from the box.” “I love when I am reading the book to my tutor.” “I like when I was a tutor too helping another child.”


   P2 Website Entry Jan - Feb 2017 Scotland Toys by letham6313 on Scribd

 Welcome back to the Autumn Term. I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your family! The children have worked very hard in learning and adapting to new class routines and expectations and will now be ready to engage in the new challenges our new block of learning will provide.

Learning Together in Letham

The children enjoyed their visit to the Letham Outdoor Bowling Green. They had wonderful instructors who shared their enthusiasm and skills with them, and they saw that there were quite a few children who were natural bowlers – perhaps future representatives for Scotland! We will be meeting up with David Bain, Jack and Stuart from Bowls Scotland again in April 2017 to build on our Outdoor Bowling skills. You might like to come along and join us in April when the Outdoor Bowls season starts again.  The children have written about their visit to the bowling green and have photos to show you and talk about the fabulous time they had!

Primary 2 will be building on their learning about aspects of the seaside and the fabulous story of the characters in The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They will be learning about how lighthouses are built and how they work. They will investigate the Scottish engineer family called Stevenson and will also be sharing with you how to keep safe when using electricity in the home. The children are going to be little scientists and use their great thinking brains in understanding what is electricity? and how it makes the lighthouse work! We will be investigating how Mrs Grinling sent lunch to Mr Grinling using a pulley! Primary 2 will be great wee problem solvers in trying to work out the answers to the questions the children would like to find out more about: e.g. What is a pulley and how does it work?

We will also be finding out what it was like in the past before electricity and looking at some artefacts to help us und


Primary 2 and Mrs Adamson are looking forward to you coming into our classroom to learn with your child all about electricity and pulleys on Tuesday 29th November 2016 at 2:30 pm in Room 15.

In planning and building our lighthouses in our context, the children will be investigating 3D (solid) shapes and using their knowledge to work out what shapes are good for building a lighthouse. The children will re visit naming the 3D shapes and learn and talk about the characteristics of the shapes – e.g. corners/vertices and faces, straight or curved lines and also linking this with 2D shapes – e.g. how many squares are joined together to make a cube?

In numeracy, we will continue to practise and learn about addition and subtraction through number stories – 2 + 0 = 2;

0 + 2 = 2; 2 – 0 = 2 etc.

Now that the season of AUTUMN is upon us again, the children will see and talk about how time changes when looking outside and will link the change of the clock with day and night. The children will use this knowledge to understand more about Mr Grinling’s important job as a lighthouse keeper in keeping ships safe during darkness.

This block, our guided reading focus is to explore and learn about what an information book is and how it helps build our general knowledge of the world around us! We will be learning about a contents page and index and how this helps in finding information in a book. It would be great if you can use your child’s library card given from our visit to the library in P1 to find information books that your child is interested in at the library. In helping your child identify a book they can read, Primary 4 will be teaching us the five finger rule in choosing a book your child can read. Primary 4 will be little teachers and will help their Primary 2 buddy to work out an unknown word in reading a story. We are looking forward to Primary 4 coming to work with us!

In learning to play and learn happily with different children, we will be learning how to be a “how about person” and not a “but I want person”.

 Please remember if you are unsure about anything, please come and have a chat at the end of the day or send in a wee note so we can arrange to meet up. I am always happy to help.   Mrs Adamson

Welcome back to the new 2016-17 session. I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday with your family! The children are working hard at learning the new routines and expectations in Primary 2 and how to come up and down the stairs safely.  This is just a wee introduction to what is happening in our new classroom this block.

It was lovely to see and meet so many family members at the meet the Teacher afternoon on Friday. Thank you all for coming and spending time with your child in their new classroom.

Here are some dates for you to note in your diary.

  • P.E. is on Mondays and Tuesdays each week. Please make sure your child has a gym t shirt, shorts/joggers and gym shoes in a named bag for their gym lessons each week.
  • Three times a week the children will be participating in jogging around a track to improve their stamina, fitness and health. They are striving to be the best they can be in building their fitness and stamina. Well done for most children completing five laps!

Here are some other dates to note in your diary:

Your child is lucky to have the opportunity to visit, learn and participate in the game of Lawn Bowling at the Letham Bowling Club on Tuesday 6th September and Tuesday 13th September in the mornings.  Photographs may be taken for the local paper and bowling website so please inform the school if you do not wish your child to have their photo taken.

The children are getting the opportunity to visit the big Potato bus that is coming to our school playground on Friday to explore and learn more about where our food grows and comes from. The children will be excited to share their experience with you!

We started this term by reading a story called “Portside PIRATES!” by Debbie Harter and Oscar Seaworthy. The children were very enthusiastic and wanted to find out more about how pirates live. The children have been learning about rules on board ship in helping them understand that we need rules to help us play and learn nicely together. Our big question is What is in the sea? And we are going to be making up little questions to find out information about our context.

In maths learning, we are building on our knowledge of number to 100 and beyond and applying this knowledge in using coins to help them when using the school healthy tuck shop and counting their pocket money.

If you would like a chat about your child, please contact the office to make an appointment, send in a wee note to me or come and chat to me at the end of the school day. I am always happy to help and support you.

Mrs Adamson