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Class Blog 11.6.18

What an amazing afternoon!

The children really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore different jobs and careers and finding what they might want to do when they grow up. The visit from the alpaca, donkeys and goats were hugely popular with the children and staff alike!


Shared Learning Afternoon – Thursday 21 June 2018 – 2.30pm

The children would love you to come and share their wonderful profiles of key learning they have done over the year and talk about their favourite parts. We look forward to seeing you then.  It would be great to talk with your child and fill in a sheet with 2 stars (2 things they have done really well) and a wish (something they want to get better at) for their learning in their profile.  Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you then.


P.E to the end of term is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so please check that your child has a gym kit in school. Thank you!

In Health and Well-being,, we are learning about the core values of Respect,  Honesty, Fairness, Kindness, Support, Cooperation, Acceptance, Friendliness & Inclusion.  We are learning about the core value of Fairness and enjoyed watching and listening to a story about three animals. Ask your child to tell you about the story!

Primary 2 are learning about time and working on both digital and analogue time for o'clock and half past. Children are also applying their counting in fives to counting in fives round the clock. We are finding out lots of facts like half way round the clock is 30 minutes and an hour is 60 minutes. I have sent home some time learning for you to work on over the next few weeks to help your child. I hope you enjoy playing the time game too. 

Our Thoughts on our Trip to Loch Leven . . . . . 


I really enjoyed my fishing in the pond because I caught a fish and three tadpoles. (IB)

I really enjoyed hunting for animals at Loch Leven and I managed to get a tadpole in the pond. I loved finding wiggly worms and they were wiggling about. (JMcN)

I liked when I go to the water and took my net to put in the water. I swinged it about and then I put back in my box. I caught a pond skater and a beetle. (LL)

I loved going on the pond dipping and I liked looking for minibeasts in the forest. I learned that some creatures were big and some were small. I found pond snails and they had shells on their back. (SK)

My favourite part was when I was going to fish with my net in the pond. I learned not to go right into the water and to be safe. I learned to use my net to fish and I found a little fish. (CMcH)

I loved the pond because my team mate caught a fish using a net. I learned how to catch some animals and look at them using a magnifier. (JvdS)

I enjoyed finding minibeasts in the forest using a magnifying glass and a glass dish to put them in. I learned that a millipede has legs underneath and a centipede has legs on its side. (JG)

My favourite was fishing in the pond because I hatched a little fish and I learned how the fish hatch. (EW)

My favourite was when I got to go and fish in the pond because my team and I got a fish. I learned how to fish and different kinds of animals that lived in a pond. (AS)

I really enjoyed fining beasties and I found a millipede. Then I put the millipede in to a jar. I learned that a millipede is similar to a centipede. (CE)

I liked when we were minibeast hunting because it was fun finding all about the little beasties. I learned about beetles that they have six legs and they are an insect. (JF)

I really liked going pond dipping near the loch as I used a net to catch bugs. I learned that millipedes have a lot of legs to go fast. (AP)

I really enjoyed everything but my favourite part was when I got fish in the pond. I learned about lots of animals like fish swimming in the water. (PB)

I liked fishing in the pond and I learned not to fall in the water because it is dangerous. I found a beetle and an ant and they lived under the water. (MK)

I really enjoyed looking for minibeasts in the forest because it was fun!I learned about minibeasts and how they survive by eating leaves and drinking water from the ground. (PD)

I really loved fishing for fish and I enjoyed fishing to get pond snails too. I learned to know that a fish is a girl fish or boy because the girl had a silver belly and the boy had an orange belly. (LM)

I liked dipping in the pond because I found dragonfly, snails and a pond skater. I caught a bumble bee so I could find honey. (MW)

I liked my trip to Loch Leven because I caught a fish with a net, it was fun. I enjoyed having apples and strawberry milk for snack. (LG)




Welcome back to the new term!

Thank you to parents who sent in tights! Primary 2 have started this busy term by using their recycled tights to sew their very own teddy bear! We have already sewn both legs and stuffed the legs and body with recycled shredded paper. Some children have sewed the top of the head to keep the stuffing in too! The children are so excited and are looking forward to bringing their very own finished teddy bears home! 

Football coaching with Josh on a Friday is now finished. The children were so lucky to get this opportunity and their ball skills have improved so much! We all said a BIG thank you to Josh for helping us learn or improve our skills.


Education City News!

I have put on some numeracy activities for the children to enjoy at home. It supports the learning in the classroom so enjoy learning together. Please only spend up to 15 minutes at a time and as Spring should be arriving soon remember to get outside to play too!

Primary 2 Toy Assembly!

Mrs Adamson was so , so proud of Primary 2 when they performed their Toy Assembly together on Friday afternoon. I loved the way they talked to each other and helped each other be in the right place at the right time. Their singing was amazing and Mrs Forbes couldn't believe they could remember all the words and actions in retelling the story of Pinocchio.  What a wonderful performance! You are all STARS!

  What was your Favourite Learning Last Week?

The children shared their thoughts. . . .

CE My favourite learning was making Pinocchio because it was fun doing the challenge to make the arms move.

CMcH My favourite was our assembly because I liked to share my learning with the adults.

AP My favourite was our assembly because I liked cuddling my teddy bear and singing my song.

PD My favourite was our assembly because I loved cuddling my teddy and singing the teddy bear song.

I loved when you stood up and read your strip and could remember the tricky words energy and forces. Mrs Adamson

AS My favourite was making our Pinocchio puppet because it was fun.

LM My favourite was doing the assembly because I loved cuddling my teddy and singing our teddy bear song.

SK My favourite was the assembly too because I loved retelling the story of Pinocchio.

EW I really liked doing my sums rainbow adding sums for the story 10 because I got them all right!

LG I really, really, really liked cuddling my teddy on stage because it made me feel really, really happy!

 (PB) My favourite learning was making my Pinocchio because it was a challenge.

(IB) My favourite learning was my assembly because my Mum took my photo and I felt proud.

(AS) My favourite learning was my assembly because we told the Pinocchio story.

(JG) My favourite learning was the assembly because it was fun speaking about Pinocchio.

(JvdS) My favourite learning was the assembly because I liked the cards that Mrs Adamson made for us to read.

(MK) My favourite learning was making the Pinocchio because I like colouring in.

(RF) My favourite learning was the assembly because I liked sharing the song with our adults.

(MW) My favourite learning was making my Pinocchio because it was really fun moving the arms.

My favourite learning was the assembly because it was fun singing.

(DH) My favourite learning was working with Mrs Colley because I am making a dinosaur game!



Primary 2 were excited to be given their log in information for Education City to access literacy home learning! I hope you enjoy learning together but please remember just to spend around 15 minutes at a time. 

The children enjoyed their first football session in the sunshine and thank you to those parents who sent in outdoor clothes no football colours/tops – joggers, warm cosy top, t-shirt and trainers. Please remember to send in clothes for the following dates including Friday of this week!

Friday 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd March 2018

Many thanks for your support, Mrs Adamson

Just a little Reminder!

We look forward to performing our assembly all about toys in the school hall on Friday 16th March at 2 o’clock. Please come along and enjoy learning all about toys from your children!


Primary 2 are settling back into school and class routines and are working hard on using the 4 S words for making a smart line. Please ask your child to tell you them!


Primary 2 are very lucky to have Miss Frame in class for 5 weeks and she will be teaching the children over this period.

Thank you to all parents/carers who sent back a gym kit after the holidays. Please make sure you send in a full gym kit this week as some children still do not have a kit to change into. Many thanks!

Please remember everyday to send your child in with a water bottle filled with water to sip throughout the day!

Our class and P.2 from Miss Simpson’s class will be taught football skills outside in the afternoon starting on Friday 9th February. Please can you send in outdoor sports clothes – (joggers, trainers and a warm top) in your child’s school bag. Thank you! The next session is on Friday 23rd February and there will be two further sessions in March too!

Primary 2 has enjoyed learning new Scottish words and playing games with them and have been amazing at learning and doing actions for their Scottish poem “The Snawman” by J.K.Annand. Your support at home practising the poem with your child has given them confidence. Most of the children who were in school on Wednesday did an amazing job reciting the poem by them self or with the group. Our four finalists all stood up on Friday and recited the poem on their own in front of the whole school! Wow and congratulations from Mrs Adamson, Miss Frame and Primary 2 to Ava, Josh, Lee and Caitlyn!

I hope you enjoyed talking about your child’s super snow man with its sphere head and cylinder body! The children were super “have a go” readers and followed the instructions to make wonderful snowmen! They worked with a partner and developed their skills in helping each other and waiting patiently for their partner to catch up before moving on.

In number, Dazzling Digits and Sparkling Sums are working on the number facts to 10 both addition/subtraction. They are also working on counting on/back from different numbers within 100

In number, Clever Counters are working on adding on 1 to 10 and taking away 1 from 10. They are also working on counting on/back within 20.

Activities will be sent home to support this learning and embed the concepts. Enjoy playing games together and look out for a pattern!

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Adamson 


Apologies for the incorrect date for sharing the Read, Write and Count Bags! The date should have read Wednesday 20th December at 2:45 pm!  The date below has now been amended.

Mrs Adamson

Primary 2 Blogging – 8th December 2017

Book Week in Primary 2!

Primary 2 loved book week and I hope you enjoyed listening to your child reading their wonderful writing of Quick Quack Quentin. Primary 2 were super wee authors and illustrators and also designed a front cover and wrote a synopsis on the back cover too!

Primary 2 would like to invite you or a family member into our classroom on Wednesday 20th December at 2:45 pm to share the children’s Read, Write and Count Book Bags with you! You may then take it home and enjoy the lovely stories and fun activities over the festive period! Looking forward to seeing you then, Mrs Adamson


Some of the children commented on their favourite part of book week. We hope you enjoy reading them!

I loved dressing up as Cinderella and loved sharing Winnie the Witch (MK)

I liked making my Quick, Quack, Quentin book. I loved doing my writing! (JvdS)

I liked doing our vowels because my name I pg! I know there are 5 vowels a, e, i, o, u (PB)

I liked taking the vowels out of my name to make a new name L! It was fun! (LG)

I enjoyed because the books were lovely and my favourite was Shifty McGifty! (IB)

I liked talking about the favourite part of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam. They called the café Goody Dogs and made cup cakes for everyone. The small dogs had cakes with cream in them and they had a lot of cupcakes. There was a sausage dog and the dog was on him! They were good dogs now! (LL)

I liked reading the Selfish Crocodile because he was selfish but then he was a good crocodile. The little mouse got the tooth out and the crocodile was kind. (CMcH)

My favourite was when I brought in the Rainbow Fish story and got to show it to my friends. I told them about my favourite page. (MM)

I liked the story of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam because they are sneaking out the window to steal from the neighbours! (AS)

I liked when we were looking for the book covers and our book was Never Tickle a Tiger! It was fun because I liked doing it with my partner. (RF)

I liked figuring out what the missing word was it was “I love books” I liked finding my book cover because my partner had saw where Miss Livingstone put it. It was Shark in the Park! (AP)

I liked taking the letter capital A from the Quentin story book. It was missing from the quack and Quentin had to find the a. (CE)


 Just a little Reminder!

  • Monday 18th December: Robin Hood Pantomime – please send in £2 to pay for the show
  • Tuesday 19th December: Primary 2 perform at the Christmas Concert
  • Wednesday 20th December: Christmas Lunch for pupils and visit to the classroom at 2:45 pm to share your child’s Read, Write, Count bag
  • Thursday 21st December: Primary 2 Party, a note with information to follow!


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018!

Mrs Adamson


Primary 2 Blogging - 6th November 2017 (Remember to read all the way down to see the lovely photos!)

PLEASE remember to send in gym kits after having them home to wash in the holidays! Thank You!

What a busy start to the new term! Primary 2 has been very busy wee learners since coming back to school! We have been working on our new Learn Its and using our number line to find the missing number in a sum – Wow! Some of us are working on learning our doubles sums e.g. 2 + 2 = 4

Please practice your Learn Its at home and see how quickly you can say them!

Dazzling Digits/Sparkling Sums = Step 4: 1 + 9 = 10; 2 + 8 = 10; 3 + 7 = 10; 4 + 6 = 10; 5 + 5 = 10

Clever Counters = Step 3:  2 + 3 = 5; 2 + 1 = 3

We are also working hard on counting back from different numbers

e.g. 19, 18, 17, 16 . . .; 28, 27, 26 . . .

Here are some of the comments the children made about their learning.

I was reading the Planning Wall and I knew we were going to make a pulley out of string, a cup and card. I made one at home! (PB)

Primary 2 loved stitching the Hamish finger puppet from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. (EW, AP)

Some children found threading the needle through the eye tricky but they persevered! They felt happy. (JG)

Most children made a lovely Hamish finger puppet. Mrs Adamson was a very proud teacher!

Primary 2 painted beautiful Autumn trees and they had a challenge of finger painting 10 leaves of each Autumn colour on the tree and 10 of each under the tree! Mrs Adamson displayed our art work outside our classroom!

In Health & Well-being we were learning about Firework safety from our super wee teachers from Primary 4/5 and we also learned how to be safe when holding a sparkler!

I liked my poster of Be Safe at Bonfire night and I loved painting my beautiful Autumn leaves on my tree. (KW)

Our Latest Learning!

Primary 2 were great wee thinkers and worked with a partner to design and make a pulley using a plastic cup, card, string and masking tape. We had to work out how to make the basket so it would slide from the little white cottage on the cliff to the lighthouse in the sea!

What great partner learning: talking, holding the parts for each other and talking to each other. Most pulleys worked and we decided that a curved handle was better than a flat handle. Two children decided to make a cylinder to put through the string – what a fantastic idea!



 Primary 2 and Mrs Adamson

15th September 2017

Primary 2 Blog!

Lovely Maths Learning Week!

Primary 2 had a lovely maths week learning about number maths. We were learning our new Learn It’s e.g. 2 + 1 = 3 and we are getting better at our “switcher” sums like 2 + 3 = 5 and 3 + 2 = 5. We are learning  triangle sums too!

We liked learning about solid shapes and we made our pirates out of a cone shape. It was amazing! We liked taking our cone pirates home! Primary 2 has been learning to name 3D shapes. We know a cone shape and some of us know a pyramid and are learning a ball shape is a sphere.

Our fun maths was learning how pirates read a map using co-ordinates – letter then number e.g. C2. We worked with a partner to put pirate pictures in a box. We had to take turns and we all did a good job!

On Friday we made our very own pirate map and Mrs Adamson gave us co-ordinates to draw pictures on our maps!

We scrunched our maps up to make them look old and then painted over our map! What fun we had during maths week!

A Little Reminder!

  • Please send in reading every day and on Friday please remind your child to put his/her reading folder in the red box so I can prepare it for the following week! Many thanks, Mrs Adamson
  • Thank you for sending in your child’s gym kit, most children now have a kit in school. Gym days are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   

Primary 2 and Mrs Adamson

27th August 2017

Blogging in Primary 2!

We have been enjoying our story time and a favourite story so far is "Room on the Broom!"We enjoyed spotting the rhyming words and joining in the reading with our teacher Mrs Adamson!  Another favourite story has been "Smiley Shark" and we have been exploring our feeling words and have been learning other words for "happy" - pleased/delighted. 

Primary 2 really enjoyed bringing in their toy as a reward from "Lenny our Learning Lion" for keeping the Golden Rules and had a happy time together. Children may bring in a toy each Friday but please do not send in any expensive or really precious toys. The children have been reminded that they are responsible for looking after the toy. 

Thank you for sending in your child with a jacket. Please remind your child to hang the jacket on his/her peg and not keep it in his/her school bag as it saves time going up and down the stairs when a jacket is required for going outside.Many thanks for your support with this.

We are looking forward to exploring our PIRATE context  and are going to be painting pirates too! Please could you send in an old t shirt or shirt that can be kept in school to cover your child's smart school clothes. Thank you!

Primary 2 are getting ready to start reading in their groups so expect reading home the week beginning 28th August. Please come and ask if you are unsure how to support your child.

Primary 2 and Mrs Adamson



19th August 2017

Welcome back to the new 2017 - 18 session!

I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday with your family! It is lovely for me to be back at school and welcoming my new Primary 2 class. We are all going to be busy, busy learners! Your child is working really hard at learning the new routines and expectations in Primary 2 and how to come up and down the stairs safely.

 It was lovely to see and meet family members at the meet the Teacher afternoon on Friday. Thank you all for coming, spending time in the classroom and helping me learn more about your child.

Just to let you know . . . . .

  • P.E. is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week with Mrs Low who the children know well from their Primary one year. Class P.E is on Thursday. Please make sure your child has a named gym kit plain gym T shirt, shorts/joggers and gym shoes in a named bag for their gym lessons each week. Primary 2 gym bags will be kept in tubs in the classroom so they are always available.
  • The class will participate in daily exercise outdoors so it is really important that your child has a jacket every day in school as we know the weather can be very changeable in Scotland!!
  • Water bottles are kept in a tray in the classroom and children are encouraged to sip water throughout the day. Your child will bring their bottle home each day to be washed and refilled. Thank you for your support with this.

If you would like a chat about your child, please contact the office to make an appointment, send in a wee note to me or come and chat to me at the end of the school day. I am always happy to help and support you.

Mrs Adamson