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Primary 2 - Mr Dudding

Class Blog 7.01.19

We have thought carefully and helped each other 'to identify and set good goals' (LI). These were in the context of our New Year's Resolutions. Many mums and dads will be excited to hear, and hopefully, see, some of these goals. Some are below for a flavour, and you can see your child's this week on Seesaw!

Emily - "to read more new books and to really enjoy them"
Yacin has drawn a fabulous prediction of what him achieving his goal will look like.
Taylor - "I will listen more and tidy up my room better."
Maya - "I want to get good at kickboxing, and I'm going to practice lots."
Charlotte - "I want to get better at my snowboarding (and I liked the new year)."


Class Information Update - January 2019


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic winter holiday!

Some important info' as follows:

PE days are Monday, Thursday, Friday
'Rainbows' is on most Mondays
Please make sure you help your child wrap up warmly
Please check the lost property cabinet for anything garments your child may have lost
Home learning will resume this week. You can always expect this by a Wednesday. Please support your child to complete it and return for Mondays. It remaining in their school bag every day is very helpful for accessing reading books.

Many thanks for your support.
Please do get in touch anytime should you feel a chat would help in any way relating to your child.

Best wishes for 2019!

Mr Dudding

Class Blog – 7.12.18

Baking – Maya, Cheyene

We were making shortbread with chocolate chips. We were learning to follow instructions and to weigh and compare ingredients.


Singing- Jack, Rosie

We have been learning Christmas songs with Mr Fortune and Mr Stephen. We’re learning to sing in a group. The songs we are learning are Frosty the snowman and Twinkle Twinkle Big Bright Star.


Writing - Cheyene

In writing, we’re learning to add detail! This means our writing has to be good so that it TRAPS OUR READER. We’re using our secret writing code to help us!


Topic - Ozcan

Our topic is about helping birds. To do that, we’ve made some tasty bird feeders (tasty to birds, not us) to sell at our Christmas Fayre.




Class Blog 17.8.18

Getting ready to learn has been our focus this week. We’ve been exploring our new classroom and the exciting things in it, as well as deciding together some important things that we will use every day to help us learn, such as what feelings to start with on our feelings tree, and what ready / not ready looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Well done to all of the pupils who entered into our class vote to become our pupil councillor! Everybody voted for the person they thought would be the best at making our school an even better place! Congratulations Ozcan!


Some useful information:

Please help your child to bring a water bottle to use in class. We are very lucky to have a sink in our room where bottles can be refilled as required. Pupils will bring these home every day to ensure that they are washed and ready for the next day
Music - Monday
P.E. days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (please have a full P.E. kit for these days, with each garment labelled with your child’s name)

Class Blog 25.8.18


This week we thought and talked lots about our learning and what we’d like to learn. We wondered about growing things and eating things. More information to follow!


“I liked losing my tooth. I’m excited about our topic. I want to grow sunflowers and herbs!” Rosie

“My favourite thing this week was playing with Lailah. We were playing in the home corner and the flower garden. I added some red roses to the garden. Lailah grew a big egg.” Cheyene

“I want to grow and eat apples. We’re growing stuff in our topic!” Mason

“I have liked a lot of things this week. I like school, and today my golden ticket came out the box, and I went for golden breakfast!” Ozcan


Class Blog 05.10.18


We've had a super week! Some of our favourite parts have been lunch, playing in our class garden, completing topic learning about plants, and cooking with apples from our lovely playground. We made some apple tarts, and half of us liked them, and half didn't like the "mushy apples".

A huge thank you to the mums and dads who made it along to our shared learning. We hope that you enjoyed learning and playing with us, and seeing our learning. Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement!

Please enjoy a super October break, and remember to keep safe!



Class Blog 26.10.18


We've had a busy first week back and are pretty tired! We've enjoyed lots of our learning this week, including looking after our plants, learning about different plants and their parts, counting to 100 in 1s, 10s, 5s and 2s.

Leah's favourite thing was "Going to P5s assembly about endangered animals because I want to help the poor animals!"

Dezstany favourite thing this week was playing: "I went to the house corner and was writing scary things for Halloween!"

Lailah and Ross' favourite thing was discovering that the beanstalk the planted in the class "...HAS GROWN OVER THE HOLIDAYS!...QUICK, LET'S GO PLANT SOME MORE!"