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To Parents/Carers of P3 and P3/4 Pupils

Next Wednesday 24th May (P3/4) and Thursday 25th May (P3) are planning a trip to the Concert Hall Plaza to see a short (25 minute) show.

We will be leaving school after lunch at approximately 1.00pm each day to walk to the Concert Hall and we will return by 3pm.

The children will be accompanied by their class teacher plus 2 or 3 adults.

I am sure they will enjoy the experience and share this with you when they are at home.

Please ensure your child comes to school with an outdoor jacket and sensible shoes for walking.

With thanks,

Mrs S Bodle, P3/4

Mrs J Ross, P3  



P3 Blog – May 2017

P3 have been working hard over the last few weeks.


In Big Maths, the Hexagons and Triangles have been counting up in 5s. We are on Step 5 of the “Learn Its” and are about to start Step 6.

 We have been looking at information on block graphs and trying to answer questions about the graphs. We have also been using tally marks to count.

In Big Maths, the Octagons have been learning to count in 500s and halving numbers like 30, 50, 70 and 90. We are just starting “Learn Its” Step 9.

We are also able to display information on a block graph, pictogram and most recently, Venn and Carroll diagrams. We are also answering questions about these diagrams.


We have been learning to write reports with a title and use headings. We have written reports about our context – Scotland – to include information about cities, rivers, lochs, mountains and islands.

We have been working hard with spelling and every morning we have been practising our spelling patterns and tricky words using doorway speller, rainbow writing, white-boards and black-boards.

We are all doing well with reading in our groups and hope to start paired reading again with P5/6 this term.


We have been sampling more Scottish food including porridge and shortbread. Recently, we have been learning about a famous Scot called Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. We made telephones from paper cups and string. We had fun and thought they worked well.


Over the next week, we will be recording our learning in our end of year reports.

 Our Assembly

We are now preparing for our Assembly which is next week on Monday 15th May at 9.15am.

 P3 29.04.17 Class Blog

Finger Gym

We have started doing ‘finger gym’ most days of the week to help us improve our co-ordination. This will help our handwriting, make opening tins easier, buttoning up our shirts, zipping our coats and even using cutlery!  The best thing is the activities are really fun!  We have talked about how developing our finger skills might help us get a job in the future – making models from play-doh could help us become sculptors or bakers!



P3 Blog – 24.02.17


We have been learning about 3D objects and comparing them to 2D shapes which are flat.

The Octagons have been learning about the number of faces, vertices and sides.

Some of the Hexagons and Triangles have been naming the shapes and looking at the number of faces and sides.

In Big Maths, we have been practising our Learn Its – Step 5 and we are getting faster.

Octagons are on Learn Its, Step 8.


We have started Paired Reading with P5/6. We met with our buddies and are beginning to get to know them. Paired reading is on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A class reading book will be sent home once each week for home reading.

VCOP Writing

We have been writing letters to different people to practise the layout of a letter.

We are also writing sets of instructions (how to brush my teeth) and recipes for Scottish foods.

Context – Scotland

We are learning about where Scotland fits into a map of the United Kingdom. We have made thistles, flags and designed our own tartan. We are also trying hard to make our own kilts which is tricky. We hope to make some Scottish foods.

   Class Newsletter November 2016 by Anonymous 0TOD0f1 on Scribd

P3 Newsletter – August 2016


A warm welcome to parents and carers of P3 pupils.

P3 have started the term well and I think you will agree that they all look very smart in their new school uniforms. In class, we have been busy getting to know each other and helping each other as much as possible settle into new routines.  

Home Learning

Please note the following about home learning

  • Reading - most groups will read twice a week either on a Monday and Wednesday or a Tuesday and Thursday. Details are found in your child’s jotter in their home learning wallet. Occasionally, there may be unforeseen circumstances which prevent a group from reading on their usual day so it would be very helpful if your child could bring their reading wallet to school every day if possible – many thanks.
  • Other home learning tasks will be inserted at the back of their jotter.

Please sign all home learning each week.  


P3 have PE three times each week as follows:-

  • Wednesday morning with Miss Mainland
  • Thursday afternoon with Mr Stephen
  • Friday morning with Mrs Ross

Our Castles Context

Our context this term is all about Castles. We will be learning why Castles were built in the past, what they were like inside and who lived in them. We will be making lots of objects associated with castles and also hope to include a trip to a nearby castle - details will follow in the next few weeks. If you child wishes to bring in something for our context area such as dressing up clothes or shields for example, these items would be most welcome.  

Keep in Touch

Please don’t hesitate to speak to me after school in the playground if you require further clarification about anything in this newsletter or indeed on any matter relating to your child. Alternatively, please make an appointment through the office. I will be happy to help in any way.


Kind Regards,

Mrs J Ross