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Class Blog 11.6.18

What an amazing afternoon!

The children really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore different jobs and careers and finding what they might want to do when they grow up. The visit from the alpaca, donkeys and goats were hugely popular with the children and staff alike!


Shared Learning Afternoon – Thursday 21 June 2018 – 2.30pm

The children would love you to come and share their wonderful profiles of key learning they have done over the year and talk about their favourite parts. We look forward to seeing you then.  It would be great to talk with your child and fill in a sheet with 2 stars (2 things they have done really well) and a wish (something they want to get better at) for their learning in their profile.  Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you then.


   16.05.18 The Dot by Anonymous 2HxVVk on Scribd

The Dot - 16.5.18

A girl named Vashti has convinced herself she cannot draw. Her teacher dares her to make a mark. Vashti makes one little dot on her sheet of paper which turns out to be the beginning of her creative journey!

The Dot is more than a book about art. It is a book that encourages us to be brave about expressing ourselves. The book ends with Vashti sharing this gift with others, beginning a ripple of inspiration.

As a class, we worked together to create our own dotty art work. We hope you like it.

Here are some of our thoughts about what the story taught us…

“We are all different and no one can change that! For example, I like blue and Ben likes black.” (Theo and Ben)

“Respect yourself like you respect other people.” (Cameron)

“We learned that Vashti became an artist and then she kept on making all sorts of dots.” (Theo)

“Perseverance!” (Jack)

“If you try to do something… maybe it’s a hard question, try to count in your head. Use a strategy to help.” (Ben)

“We learned that if you keep drawing and sign it you might become an artist.” (Casey and Theo)

“Everybody likes and can do different things!” (Erin)

“It’s like a fever that keeps spreading… I can, I can, I can…” (Theo)

“Keep on drawing and you will get better.” (Mirren)

 Always believe in yourself and others!

BBC Dancemat Only by Anonymous 2HxVVk on Scribd

27.03.18 - BBC Dancemat Touch Typing

Being able to type is a useful skill for life.  Why not try BBC Dancemat to learn how to type in a fun way!  Click on the link to have a go!




Class Blog


Roots of Empathy

We are around halfway through our Roots of Empathy Programme now and we would like to share what we have learned so far...

Roots of Empathy is about learning about baby Parker. We are learning stuff so we can ask Jen what he can do.  CB

We have been learning how to treat a baby nicely. OS

We take care of our babies. BH

We have been learning that there is no such thing as a bad baby. If a baby bites you it won’t hurt if it doesn’t have any teeth yet.  SS

Babies have special toys for making them tired and helping them sleep like a blanket or something. Babies don’t like being on their own and they will be so upset and their mums and dads will come rushing to them.  Babies don’t like loud noises.  TH

We have been learning about babies. We have been making books about Crying, Feeling Proud and Losing Teeth.  I also think that there is no such thing as a bad baby it is just a baby with a problem. MM

We have been asking Jen if baby Parker has been doing unusual things and the things he can’t do yet. CS

Baby Parker doesn’t like to be lying down on his face or else he won’t be able to breathe and he will cry because he can’t breathe. KJ

We are looking forward to continuing our learning and seeing baby Parker every few weeks!




Class Blog

Book Week

Remember you can bring in a book every day to read during our ‘drop and read’ sessions when you hear the bells!


Internet Safety

We have been learning about how to stay safe online.

CB – We have been watching internet safety videos and we have learned some stuff about the


MM – We made a poster about internet safety. We drew pictures and we wrote about internet safety.  Here are the SMART rules…


S – safe


M – meet


A – accepting


R – reliable


T - tell

 Dog’s Trust Visit 22.2.18

Doggy Tales

We were very lucky to have a visit from the Dog’s Trust. This is what we learned:

SH – We have been learning about Dog Trust and we need to look after them by buying food and a bed and be really kind to the dogs.

HA – We also learned how to brush the dog carefully and also we used a special brush.

KJ – We have to scan dogs to make sure that the microchip is in the place where you have the scan.

OS – We need to wash the dog properly.

CS – We have learned that dogs can be very nice once they have been trained but when they are not calm they sometimes can bite.



Class Blog

Primary 3 Class Assembly

This week we are planning and preparing for our class assembly which takes place this Friday 23 February at 2pm in the assembly hall. We are going to be sharing our learning about Road Safety.  This will be our main learning this week so there will be no reading folders going home in bags today.  We hope you can make it!


Maths Home Learning - Learn Its

It would be helpful if you could practise your Learn Its so you can continue to improve your weekly Beat That scores. You will find these under the Home Learning menu and by clicking on the Big Maths – Learn Its.  Choose the step which you are working on (Step 2 – Step 8).  How quickly can you say the answers?



Class Blog

Word Aware – Vocabulary Ninjas!

Over the last few weeks we have been learning lots of new vocabulary to improve our listening, talking, reading and writing skills. Learning new words also helps us with our general understanding.  Each week we will have more words to learn and we will share them with you on our webpage so you can ask us about them or help us if we need a reminder of what they mean.  You might want to write them out and stick them to the fridge so we can revisit them regularly.

Maths words – 3D shape

edge                      vertice                  face

Health and Well-being words

goal                        plan                       do                           review 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory words


Literacy – non-fiction reading book

glossary                index     contents            label

Internet Safety

reliable     accepting       


What have we enjoyed about learning this week?

SH – I liked learning about shapes.

HA – We have been learning how to do times tables. 10x2=20

BH – We were doing Finger Gym every day which helps us with the muscles in our hands.

OS – We have designed our own chocolate bar.

CG - We have been learning where chocolate comes from.



29.01.18   Home Learning Update

Just to let you know that there will be a detailed information sheet coming home in reading folders tomorrow explaining more about Education City.  I hope your child enjoys using the resource to support their learning.

   Finger Gym 29.01.18 by Anonymous 2HxVVk on Scribd

Scottish Book Week 2017


We had great fun during Scottish Book Week. We loved getting our Read, Write and Count Book Bags, taking part in Paired Reading with P6 and dressing up as our favourite book characters.

Here are our favourite books in P3…

Theo – “Lego Ninjago book of Spinjitzu because it has pictures of how to do Ninja moves.”

Duncan – “The Twits because it is funny and Mrs Twit put worms in his spaghetti.”

Macie – “ I liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because there is loads of chocolate and sweets.”

Sia – “The Tiger Who Came to Tea because at the very end the tiger drinks all the water in the bath and sink.”

Diesel – “Quick Quack Quentin is my favourite book because when he never had his a it was quck.”

Hannah – “Definitely Belle because her dress is nice and her hair is nice.”

Ben – “My favourite book is Where’s Wally because you have to find Where’s Wally.”

Jack – “My favourite book is The Dancing Giraffe because it is so funny because the giraffe can’t run or dance.”

Khloe – “My favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because there were lots of sweets and chocolates.”

Mirren – “My favourite book is The Gruffalo because I just like it.”

Cameron – “My favourite book is Lightening McQueen because he is fast.”

Kensi – “My favourite book is Sherriff Cali because it is my favourite book.”

Erin – “My favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because he gets a ticket.”

Daniel – “My favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because there is a load of chocolate and he wins.”

Connor – “My favourite book is the ones that I read with you – Kipper.”

Natalia – “My favourite book is Wild Baby Animals because they are cute.”

Amy – “My favourite book is Giraffe’s Can’t Dance because it is funny.”

Rhys – “My favourite book is – I don’t know! Too many!”

Olivia – “My favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is super funny.”



14.11.17 Stay & Learn

We had great fun sharing our learning this morning!


 Class Blog 3.11.17

We took part in an Author’s Live Event with Kes Gray.

“We listened to the author read Oi Frog, Oi Dog and Quick Quack Quentin. My favourite one was Oi Frog because it was funny!”

“Kes Gray turned into Superman and threw cookies at a person. It was hilarious!”



Our context has been George’s Marvellous Medicine. As part of the learning did we experiments to make ‘medicine’ just like George did.  We learned about dissolving.

“When the gravy went into the water some of if went to the bottom and when you stirred the water it went brown. It did not dissolve.”

“When we did the rice it went down to the bottom and the water turned white. The rice did not dissolve.”

“The salt did dissolve in the bottom.”




Book Fair Update

The Book Fair will be in school from Tuesday 31 October – Monday 6 November.

P3 have a slot to visit the Book Fair on Thursday 2 November from 11.05-11.20.





Maths Week Scotland 2017 – We had such fun!


We learned about symmetry and drew the other half of a monster to try to make it symmetrical. We tried our best!

'We drew the other part of the drawing and we tried our best!'

Cooperative Teams - Fill the Wallet!

We worked in our home teams to match the value to the coin/note. We then filled our wallets!  We practised using our team roles and were all successful at the challenge!

'It was very challenging!'


We took part in the Sumdog Contest across Scotland and England. We came 954th out of 4901 schools! Not bad for our first contest!  We will continue to use Sumdog to improve our numeracy skills for home learning and in class.

'We tried our best to go first on the leader board. One of our favourite games is Junk Pile.'


11.9.17 – Update

Maths Week Scotland 2017

This week we are taking part in lots of different maths and numeracy activities to celebrate the fact that maths is fun! As part of this, we have entered a Scottish Sumdog Maths Week Contest.  We are trying to have as many children in our class playing Sumdog maths games in class and at home so we can get as high up the leader board as possible!  I have glued each child’s login and password details into their green home learning jotter so you can play at home too.

  • - type Sumdog into search engine
  • - enter login details
  • - have fun playing as many games as you can!

Sumdog will be available as on-going home learning all session so keep playing even after the contest ends of Friday. Good luck!


Reading will be sent home each week (Monday or Tuesday) with key words to practise as required. Please return every Friday so I can set up for the following week.  Thank you!


Welcome back! - August 2017

P3 are settling well into our school routine. We have been doing lots of getting ready to learn activities such as agreeing our class rules and reminding ourselves of the expectations in class and around the school.


P3 have P.E. with Mr Stephen on a Monday and a Wednesday.  We will also have class P.E. which we may use on a Thursday. Please ensure that your child brings P.E. kit on these days or keeps P.E. kit in school and that all kit is clearly labelled. Thank you to all those who have already handed one in.  We keep our kit in a box in the classroom.


Water Bottles

We are a healthy promoting school so we are keen for your child to drink plenty water throughout the school day.  Your child may wish to bring a water bottle in to class which can be refilled throughout the day at our class sink if required.


Keep in Touch

Please don’t hesitate to speak to me after school in the playground if you require further clarification about anything in this newsletter or indeed on any matter relating to your child. I will be happy to help in any way.

Mrs Bodle