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To Parents/Carers of P3 and P3/4 Pupils

Next Wednesday 24th May (P3/4) and Thursday 25th May (P3) are planning a trip to the Concert Hall Plaza to see a short (25 minute) show.

We will be leaving school after lunch at approximately 1.00pm each day to walk to the Concert Hall and we will return by 3pm.

The children will be accompanied by their class teacher plus 2 or 3 adults.

I am sure they will enjoy the experience and share this with you when they are at home.

Please ensure your child comes to school with an outdoor jacket and sensible shoes for walking.

With thanks,

Mrs S Bodle, P3/4

Mrs J Ross, P3  


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Our P3/4 Blog



This week we have been getting better at telling the time. “We have made clocks for ourselves to help us for telling the time.”

In Big Maths…

Circles and Squares

“We have been counting in 50s all the way to 1000!”

“We have been learning our Learn Its and we are hoping to get on to Level 8. You can look at the Learn Its on the website and you can help us too.”

“We have been able to do times tables in our calculations and dividing into groups.”


“We have been learning to count in 5s.”

“We have been learning subtraction.   For example, 10-1=9.”


During our Scottish context we have been learning some Scottish songs such as 'The Jeely Piece Song.'

“There were sentences that were all jumbled up about how to make a jam sandwich. Next week we are making a real one!”


Finger Gym

“We have been enjoying Finger Gym and it is very fun. There are a lot of activities and it is fun for our fingers! It helps us with our muscles in our fingers.”


Our P3/4 Blog


We started our paired reading this week and this will replace normal reading books until the holidays - we get to read with our older buddies three times per week!  Please follow this link for more details: http://www.lethamprimary.org.uk/News/02-17-Paired-Reading/

We hope you enjoy the photos too!





We are learning how to tell the time. Please help us at home by asking us what the time is on a clock face.  We have been practising o’clock, half past, quarter past/to and some of us are beginning to use our counting in 5s to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

“We have also been learning about the clock face and how to tell what time it is like quarter past and half past.”

“I know now that February has 29 days on a leap year and every other year it has 28 days.”



This week we have started Paired Reading with P6/7 as our tutors.   We really enjoyed ourselves.

“It was the best!”

“I liked that if you got a word wrong, they help you figure it out.”

“I was glad that I read a whole chapter book.”



We have started our context all about Scotland looking at the Big Question – ‘What makes Scotland so special?’ We asked our little questions that we would like to find the answers to.

“We have learned about the thistles and how they protected the castles and we drew some pictures of them.”

“We have also learning about what countries are in the United Kingdom.”

“Scotland has loads of different islands.”


   Class Newsletter November 2016 by Anonymous KNPk8kwkA on Scribd

August 2016

Welcome back!

P3/4 are settling well back into our school routine. We have been doing lots of getting ready to learn activities such as agreeing our class rules and reminding ourselves of the expectations in class and around the school.

 Our Castles Context

Our context this term is all about Castles. We will be learning why Castles were built in the past, what they were like inside and who lived in them. We will be making lots of objects associated with castles and also hope to include a trip to a nearby castle - details will follow in the next few weeks. If you child wishes to bring in something for our context area such as dressing up clothes or shields for example, these items would be most welcome.  

 Home Learning

Home Learning will commence from next week:

Reading - most groups will read twice a week or more frequently if required. Details will appear in your child’s reading record. Occasionally, there may be unforeseen circumstances which prevent a group from reading on their usual day so it would be very helpful if your child could bring their reading folder to school every day if possible – many thanks. Please return the reading folder to school on a Friday so that the new home learning for next week can be arranged. Thank you!

Any other home learning will be explained in your child’s home learning jotter or included in the plastic wallet.


P3/4 have PE with Miss Mainland on a Tuesday morning and Mr Stephen on a Wednesday afternoon. We will also have class