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Primary 3/4 - Mr Fortune

Home learning and news w.b. 26/11/18

This week we are beginning to focus on practising our song for the Christmas concert, which is on the afternoon of the 17th of December in the assembly hall. We would be delighted for you to attend. However, once again, P3/4 need your help practising!


This time it is singing. Our class' song this year is a true Christmas classic - Wizzard's 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday'. We all know the chorus but we could do with some help on the verses.


Please use this video to help you practise.

Spelling words for this week:

The blue and orange groups are focusing on the 'ee' sound as in 'eel'.

  • eel
  • see
  • meet
  • leek
  • bees
  • tree
  • green
  • bleed
  • streets
  • freedom

The red group are focusing on the 'igh' sound as in 'sigh'

  • sight
  • high
  • lighten
  • lightning
  • night
  • bright
  • tight
  • thigh
  • tightly
  • sighed

Home learning and news w.b. 19/11/18

Parents - this Friday at 2.30pm it is our class assembly in the assembly hall at school. We would love it if you or another trusted adult could make it along to support us.

Please also remember that it is book week this week. We will be stopping at different points throughout the day to read in class, so remember to bring in whichever book you are reading at home.

Home learning this week:

Everybody has a copy of their assembly script in their bag. Please make sure that you are practising your line(s) with someone at home. It would also be a good idea to know which line is coming up before yours, so that you know when to speak. We also have a song to practise. 'Loki the Joker' is a fun song about the Viking god Loki. You can find the song here: 


Remember to keep practising your learn its as well.

Spelling words to practise this week are:

Blue and orange groups:

  • form
  • horn
  • corn
  • born
  • cork
  • forks
  • storm
  • snort
  • orbit

Red group:

  • pie
  • tie
  • pipe
  • dine
  • tide
  • twice
  • white
  • crime
  • wipes


Home learning w.b. 29/10/18




We are very much enjoying our new context – ‘Who Were The Vikings?’

We are looking to make lots of things during our time learning about the Vikings, so we are asking for as many donations of cardboard boxes and cereal boxes as possible. Anything you can pass on will be greatly appreciated!




Please use the education city games to practise your maths skills. Also, please remember to practise your learn its – people are moving up steps every week! Could it be you this week? Remember – practise makes perfect!




Please try to read as much at home as possible.

I will be giving golden tickets out to those people who can find a story from the news and summarise the main ideas of the story to the class.


Home learning 25.9.18




Please practise your learn its – get someone at home to time you and try to get them all correct inside a minute!

Also, please access your education city classwork to complete some of the maths games – they are based on your CLIC learning.




Please try to squeeze in 15 minutes of reading a night this week.

You are all working very hard at your phonics in class – get someone at home to quiz you on words with your sound!


Red group are working on words with the ‘gi’ sound, as in giraffe.

Blue and orange group are working on words with the ‘igh’ sound, as in light.



Home learning 10/9/18




This week for maths, I am sending home your learn-its. These should stay at home to be practised with until you are promoted to the next step. Please practise at home with someone – perhaps you can quiz them!

For those who are on step 4, you have to work out the missing number to 10. We will be covering this in class this week but some extra practise at home will really help you!

There will also be a sumdog competition this week. I will send home logins today, and there will be a prize for the winner in each group!




This week, the red group are looking at ‘cy’ as in ‘cycle’ words. Please practise words such as:

  • cycle
  • cylinder
  • spicy
  • icy

Which other ones can you think of to practise?


The green, blue and orange groups are looking at ‘b’ words as their main phonics focus this week. Please practise words such as:

  • bag
  • bin
  • ball
  • best
  • cub

Which other ‘b’ words can you think of to practise?


Home Learning 3.9.18




This week I will be setting up a sumdog competition. You will all get an opportunity to take part in class this week but please make sure you are practising your skills at home and earning those coins! J If anyone is unsure what their login is, then let me know and I will print it out and send it home with you.


Please practise your learn its at home too. If you are not sure which step you are on, you can check the CLIC wall in the classroom or come and ask me. We have all enjoyed playing learn its bingo, so why not organise a game of learn its bingo at home, and you can have a turn at being the teacher!




Make sure you are trying to do a little bit of reading each night, whether this is a book you have at home, a newspaper or a magazine.


You can also access education city from home to practise your phonics using the games there. If anyone is unsure what their login is, then let me know and I will print it out and send it home with you.



Blog post 3/9/18


It’s been an exciting first three weeks in Primary 3/4.

In Literacy, we have been learning…


To retell a story in our own words

We made a story map showing the story of Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, then used this as a plan from which to write the story in our own words. We had some fabulous pieces of writing, and some great concentration over a long big write slot.


To listen to and watch news stories, and summarise their main ideas

We have been watching Newsround every afternoon followed by a quick quiz to help us show that we have understood the stories. Some favourites have been the underwater chess championships, a resort where you can take your dog on holiday and the football manager who fouled an opposing team player!


To explain why we prefer some texts over others

Although we are only beginning this piece of learning, we have had some lively discussions about our favourite parts of Esio Trot


In Numeracy, we have been learning…



In our different groups, we have been doubling 1 digit numbers, 2 digit multiples of 10 and 2 digit numbers. The triangles and squares have done very well and we will continue to improve our speed at answering doubles questions.


To improve our speed when answering addition questions

We have been using our learn-its to play bingo in pairs. It has been competitive each time we’ve played, but we have also used this as an opportunity to learn how to play games respectfully.


We have also carried on our weekly CLIC challenge

There have been some very good scores on the CLIC challenge on a Friday, and some big improvements in scores from week 1 to week 2. Keep up  the good work, everyone!


In Health and Wellbeing we have…

Been discussing the core values of our school

So far, we have explored what it means to be honest, fair and kind, as well as our school aim of respecting. We have also discussed what those things look like, how we can demonstrate them, and what the benefits are of living our school values.



We have also planned our Let’s Become Scientists context together, with our big and little questions up on the wall. We will begin our context by looking at how forces affect us and objects around us this Monday afternoon.


Pupil Voice/Learning Conversations:


Zoe – So far in P3/4 I really liked playing Learn-Its bingo because its fun. I like getting to know my new teacher as well.

Macie – I really enjoyed doing art so far in P3/4 especially making our name art. In maths I liked playing bingo and it is helping me improve my speed.

Erin – I liked art. I liked doing our name art and using my own colouring pencils for it. In maths I’ve done really well doubling 10s.


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Hello and welcome to your child’s P3/4 school website page. Here you can find our class blog, details of events coming up for the class and details for home learning.


Please note that your child has P.E. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure your child has appropriate P.E. kit for both indoor and outdoor activities.


Look out for home learning being posted on this page on a Monday, as well as a blog post every two weeks.


I look forward to getting to know you over the coming year.


Mr. Fortune