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Primary 3 - Mrs Adamson

3rd February 2019

Primary 3 will be getting a taster session of rugby on Wednesday 20th February. On that day, children may come dressed for outdoor learning. e.g. tracksuit and trainers. It may be cold so layers of clothes are advisable. 

Well done to all the class for working so hard learning the Scottish Poem The Giraffe by JK Annand. We had three children who recited their poem on stage in front of the whole school and we were all very proud of them.

We are very lucky to have Mrs Dowling with us for 6 weeks and the children are really enjoying the learning they are doing with her. Primary 3 has been creating their own paper tartan using the warp and weft and in health and well-being they are learning about being safe when crossing the road a very important life skill.

As we are now using Seesaw to share our learning journey, we will no longer be updating this page. You can find out what we are up to in our learning and our progress by logging into your child's Seesaw page. 

Primary 3 will be moving out of their room at the end of this week so their classroom can be totally refurbished. It will be exciting to see it finished.

If you wish a chat, please remember just to come and catch me at the end of the day or write a wee note.

Many thanks

Mrs Adamson




14th January 2019

Primary 3 NEWS!

Welcome Back to everyone!

Primary 3 would like to invite you in to the classroom on Friday 18th January at 2:30 pm or at the end of the school day to share their Read, Write, Count bag. The children thoroughly enjoyed the dragon story in it and also spent time exploring their very own atlas. We look forward to seeing you then.

Many thanks,

Primary 3 and Mrs Adamson


11th December 2018

Primary 3 News!

Primary 3 is visiting Letham St Mark's church on the morning of Thursday 13th December to see the church set up for Christmas and to sing at the coffee morning.  We will be back in school in time for lunch.

Primary 2 and 3 are having their Christmas party on the afternoon of Monday 17th December. Please send in party clothes in a named bag so your child can change into them after lunch.

Many thanks for your support,

Mrs Adamson

 27th November 2018

Primary 3 has been learning about  different types of bullying. This afternoon the children enjoyed choosing a friend to show little acts of kindness by drawing together, reading together or playing a game together. They also shared little acts of kindness they had done  today. Well done Primary 3

"I held the door open for an adult."

"This morning I tidied my sister's room."

"I helped my little sister put her toys away."

"I helped a class member to come and stand in the line."

"I let someone join in my game."

"I helped a class member read a word."

"I said to the cook I love the pizza."

"I helped my little sister get dressed."

I helped someone do commas in a list learning."

"I went over to help a child in the playground who was crying."

"I helped my brother get his bag on his back."

"I said to the dinner lady that my pizza was amazing."

"I said thank you to the dinner ladies."

"I said kind words to my Teacher."

"I was kind to my sister. and helped her get dressed."

"I helped my sister open her presents. She asked me to help."

23rd November 2018

Thank you to all who were able to join us for our Stay and Learn session on Tuesday morning. The children reported back that they had enjoyed sharing their learning with an adult and all said they had fun going round the different stations and playing Go Fish to help build up their reading, spelling  and memory skills too! Other children enjoyed playing the fraction game rolling the die and  colouring in halves and quarters of shapes. 

I will send home your child's Sum Dog login on Monday so your child can learn to log in independently and get started answering the questions quickly and correctly. After the Christmas break, I will set activities to support and extend the learning being taught in class. 

Home Learning

  • New Andrell Common words and activities have been sent home to continue to help your child to read the words, talk them in a sentence and spell them without looking! A little often is the best way!
  • Weekly reading will also continue to be sent home with activities to support your child become a confident reader
  • Children also get the opportunity to choose a book in the library for personal reading

Primary 3 has had a great book week and has enjoyed picking up books to read during the week. We have enjoyed reading our book bag story "There is No Dragon in this Story" by Lou Carter. The children wrote what they thought would happen next and most got it correct. Well done for using the clues in the illustrations to work it out! We also developed our art skills in using curved and straight lines to create and paint  a dragon. Now, we are developing our Big Write skills using adjectives to write a description of a dragon we created. Some adjectives we have come up with are scaly skin, jaggy wings, sharp, pointed teeth, wide, open nostrils. 

We will arrange a time for you to come in and share your child's Book Bag before sending it home. This week we will explore the next book in our bag.

Primary 3 is supporting Primary 5/6 by making eco blocks which are plastic bottles stuffed with cut up bits of clean plastic. If you have any small, clean bits of plastic at home please send them in. Thank you!

Mrs Adamson and Primary 3


4th November 2018

Dear Parents, 

Just to let you know that I have created Primary 3 Numeracy groups and will send home your child's personal password so you can get access, I hope you enjoy learning together. 

Primary 3 has been exploring poetry and has been little poets creating a list poem and having a go at writing an acrostic poem about AUTUMN. 

Our context this term is all about science and we will be asking what does a  scientist do? and what happens when you  mix  a solid and a liquid together?  We will be exploring fair testing in science and why it is important in carrying out experiments. 

Our novel this term is George's Marvellous Medicine written by the famous and well loved author Roald Dahl. 

Mrs Adamson and Primary 3


28th September 2018

Blogging in Primary 3

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all the parents who attended Parent Contact this week. It was lovely to meet up with you all again and to meet with new faces too!

At the start of the term, Primary 3 had a real author in their classroom, Alistair Chisholm the author of “The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bear!” who answered the children’s questions and read his wonderful story too.  It was an amazing experience for all of us! Some of us are now so keen to be authors and illustrators and write our own stories.

What a busy term Primary 3 has had exploring their context “Where in the World are we?” We have enjoyed being out and about with maps exploring our local environment and visiting the church too. We having been learning about maps and finding out street names and buildings in Letham as well as learning about “a birds-eye view” and why there is a key on a map. We have been drawing our own maps too. The children have enjoyed using the smart board to find out information about the planet they live on Earth.

In maths, we have been learning about tallying and we gathered information about our birthdays and had to draw and label a bar graph. We found out the most popular birthday month and which month/s had no birthdays. We have also been learning about compass points and your child should be able to tell you the 4 compass points.

Primary 3 is excited about taking part in Roots of Empathy which will involve visits from a teacher Mrs Baird and visits over the year from a mummy with her baby. The children will learn about feelings and understand the meaning of empathy and what it looks like, sounds like and feels like. They will see how the baby changes and grows over the year.

This term in school we have all been learning to use an app called Seesaw to record our learning. It is an amazing tool and the children have been little teachers to me as I learn a new skill too. Well done Primary 3!

Primary 3 would like to invite you to their classroom on Wednesday 3rd September at 2:45 pm or the end of the day if that is easier, to come in and read their fabulous zigzag books they have written and illustrated about their community.

I can’t believe how quickly the term has gone and I wish you all a lovely Autumn break when it comes.

  • Learn It’s are on the school website under the heading Home Learning then Big Maths Learn Its and it would be great if the children could continue to practise them so they can write the sum and answer automatically. This is a key numeracy skill and your child should know which steps they are on.
  • Common words and activities have also been given out to help your child know how to spell these words and it would be great to continue to play games with the words to embed them.

After the holidays, I will give you a personal password for your child so they will get access to a numeracy programme called Sumdog which will help your child practice numeracy skills.  I will also put on Education City activities to support and practice spelling and maths learning too.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Many thanks for your support,

Mrs Adamson and Primary 3

16th August 2018

Blogging in Primary 3

Welcome back to the new 2018 - 19 session!

What a beautiful summer break and so lovely for everyone to be outside enjoying the sunshine! How lovely to be back at school and teaching Primary 3! We are enjoying learning some Spanish as one of the children was in Spain in the holidays and is being a wee teacher  helping me learn Spanish too!

Primary 3 has been working this week on being ready quickly in a 4s line to go upstairs to our classroom. Please ask your child to tell you what a 4s line is like! We have been working very hard at remembering our P.2 routines and adding new routines for Primary 3. We have been finding out where to find resources in our classroom too.  We have enjoyed welcoming our two new class members into the class and helping them get to know each other. This week we have been talking about our class banner “Always aiming High!” We have been talking about how we can aim high in all our learning.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on Friday afternoon for meet the teacher and I hope you enjoy a tour round our newly designed classroom!

Just to let you know . . . . .


  • MUSIC is on Tuesday with Mr Stephen  and we are enjoying learning the words to our super school song.
  • P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday each week with Mrs Thomson who the children know from their Primary two year.
  • Please make sure your child has a named gym kit plain gym T shirt, shorts/joggers and gym shoes in a named bag for their gym lessons each week. Primary 3 gym bags will be kept in tubs in the classroom so they are always available.
  • Please ensure your child has a jacket every day in school as we know the weather can be very changeable in Scotland!! Please remember to put a name on your child’s jacket.
  • Water bottles are kept in a tray in the classroom and children are encouraged to sip water throughout the day. Your child will bring their bottle home each day to be washed and refilled. Thank you for your support with this.

Please contact the office to make an appointment, send in a wee note to me or come and chat at the end of the school day. I am always happy to help and support you.

 Muchas Gracias!

Mrs Adamson