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Primary 4/5 - Mrs Collins


Feb 2019

As we are now using SeeSaw to share our learning journey, we will no longer be updating this page. You can find out what we are up to and the fantastic progress we are making via SeeSaw. Please see me if you are not signed up already and would like more information.





It was lovely to see all the parents, carers and grannies at our Stay and Learn last Wednesday. The boys and girls loved showing you how we learn and sharing See Saw. Thank you for coming.

This term our P.E days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some of the P5s were nervous on Tuesday when we started our swimming block however everyone had a great time.

Scottish poetry recital is a focus this month, linked to Burns Night on January 25th. Everyone has made a real effort to practise the poem they selected to learn and I look forward to hearing them all next week.

Keep practising x3x4 tables at home with adults or online using Hit the button. It makes such a difference if you know your times tables for lots of maths calculations.

I’m so proud of

Olivia, Amber and Aiden for super subtraction with exchange this week.

Sarah for always answering questions in discussion time and taking care with all number calculations.

Aiden has been PE star two days in a row for endurance.

Kayleigh is enjoying Big Write where she is creating a Fox Fact File.

Caitlin feels she is getting better at her Big Maths Learning this week.

Sebastian likes learning his times tables (x4) using Hit the Button. He is getting faster at recalling the fact. Best score 18/21




Sumdog champions this week are ….


Well Done!

Our new Sumdog challenge for this week practises skills in fractions and shape. In addition to this please keep practising your Learnits and Beat That sums as this will really help your child move up a level.

We are going to be using our craft skills to make products for our stall at The Christmas Fayre. Old paperback books suitable for recycling would help us with this so if you can spare a few books please bring them into class as soon as possible.


Group 1-2 wipe wipes line lined spines crimes bee evening see  swede  three  theme  trees  scene  scenes  scenic  scenery  compete


Group 3-4   keep practising ay sound and the word list from last week.

Bring outdoor sports kit for rugby on Friday.



What we have been learning this week-

Aiden is very proud of the fact that he can now answer x2 table facts very fast and his next step is x5. He used Sumdog to help him. Also Aiden knows and understands some new maths symbols and he created a super information poster that explains it.

We have been learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and Casey really enjoyed this.

Faye and Sebastian enjoyed creating their firework picture with paint, earbuds and pipe cleaners. In art we were learning to use new tools for effect.

Kayleigh enjoyed writing an autumn description with lots of wow words and Mrs Collins’ says her handwriting is really improving! Sarah enjoyed writing about the autumn walk,too and she used lots of descriptive wow words.

Kayden enjoyed all the art activities we did this week, exploring mixed media.


Caitlin had fun learning new skills in Rugby. Lots of muddy clothes are going home tonight!

Sumdog champions this week are …

Faye Diesel  Thomas  Aiden  Alana

Well Done!

Next week’s Sumdog challenge is Fractions based. Good Luck!

Spelling words to practise this week…

Group 1 and 2

pie lie  pipe  lime   die  dine  tide  fine  time  hide tie  mine twice  mice  spine  crime bikes  fine  tide

Group 3 and 4

day  may  play  stray  lays  trays  rays  pay  bay  hay



Week beginning 5.11.18

Spelling words to practise this week are …

Group 1 and 2

tomatoes potatoes heroes  canoes volcanoes  cargoes  tornadoes  torpedoes

Group 3 and 4

say day  stay  stray  lay  trays  hay  pay  bay  play


Remember outdoor sports clothes for RUGBY this Friday.

Everyone has a laminated copy of their Learn Its to practise at home this week.

Sumdog challenge this week is worth 150 coins. Try to find some time to complete this at home.




P4-5 HOME LEARNING for this week…

Sumdog challenge

There are 100 questions to complete with a reward of 100 coins. The questions are about 2D and 3D shape properties, shape sequences, symmetry and area. Good Luck!

Education City

Lots of games that reinforce literacy taught in class are available to play on Education City this week.

Spelling Lists

Please practise your spelling words at home using active methods.

GROUP 1 and 2     oe words

toe tone hoe hope doe dome woe woke oboe bone home rope stone alone slope homes throne stones

GROUP 3 and 4     ai words

rail fail sail nail rain pain maid paid snail train


Some of us have reading books and if that is you it is important that you practise your pages every night and remember to keep the book in your schoolbag.

Others should be reading a book of your choice every night for 15 minutes. This will really help you with reading activities we do in class.

No rugby this week. Next session is Friday 9th November. Outdoor kit required.

Lastly, Sumdog Champions from last week are …





We had rugby today for the first time in P4/5 and we all enjoyed it. Next rugby session is on Friday 9th November. Remember warm sports clothes and outdoor trainers.

Thomas says, ‘It was fabulous and a day that everyone would remember.’

Sebastian says, ’I liked rugby because we had fun passing and playing games.’

Caitlin says, ’Rugby was fine but it was very cold!’

It’s the last week of our shoe context and we have been learning about different kinds of shoes worn in other parts of the world.

In maths there is a Sumdog challenge to help us practise our times tables and Sarah and Jayden are enjoying this. Try to find some time to complete this challenge before it ends on Monday morning at 9am. Our new maths learning this week has been subtraction skills and although it was tricky to begin with we can now all do it.

Millie and Megan are proud of their LearnIt achievements as they have moved up a step this week. Everyone needs to work on LearnIts at home to move up the steps.

Lewis says,’ I liked maths because I beat my score with my LearnIts.’

Faye enjoyed writing her October Holiday news.





We have all been making beautiful shoes in class and you will have the opportunity to see them on our Shared Learning afternoon at the end of September.

‘I put sequins on my shoes. It was tricky to sew the straps on but I did it!’ Says Sarah

‘I liked making my shoes and the hardest part was to draw around my feet and try to get my shoes the same size,’ says Sebastian.

‘It was a bit hard sewing because we had to get the stitches tight not loose. Starting it off was also hard,’ says Casey.

‘I liked my Big Write about The Elves and The Shoemaker because it’s very active. We said the story first lots of times and that helped me,’ says Kayleigh.

‘I liked the story we read- ‘Funny Family’ because all the people in the story are different,’ says Olivia.

‘I liked writing my own story of The Elves and The Shoemaker because I think it’s really funny writing it and reading it over,’ says Mia.

‘I enjoyed Go Noodle. My favourite one is Cheerleader,’ says Faye.




P4-5 Blog

Just to say Seesaw is up and running in P4-5 now and everyone has posts. Please check it out and if you haven’t got access at home yet please log on as there is lots to see and read!

Some pupil comments from this week…..

Lewis: ‘I enjoyed maths because I could do it quickly and managed to get it all done on time.’

Sarah: ‘ I liked getting my French name. I am called Therese and I can tell everyone in the class my name and ask what their name is.’

Sebastian: ‘ I liked doing Beat That because I got 19 which is my highest score ever! ’

Kayleigh: ‘ I like Go Noodle because it helps us to exercise and I’m excited to do it at WAT with Mrs Collins. I will get to teach it to the others. I also like working on X3 table and my All about Me piece of writing, too.’

Mia: ‘ I like doing the stations. My favourite is the library.’

Olivia: ‘I like French bingo because it helps me learn numbers 1-12.’




Hello parents, carers and friends of P4-5. I’m looking forward to meeting many of you on Friday 17th at 2.30pm for Meet the Teacher.

In the meantime here is some information that you might find helpful-

Gym kit will be required every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has shorts, T shirt and gym shoes or trainers on these days.

SUMDOG is up and running, with all login details in schoolbags so it can be accessed from home as well as school. A challenge of 200 numeracy questions has been set up for each child to complete by Sunday 19th August.

Our context this term is The Soft Shoe Shuffle. We have our very own Letham Shoe Shop in class and are looking for unusual shoes to display in the shop. If any parents or friends can help with this we’d be really grateful. All donated shoes will be well looked after and returned to their owners at the end of the topic. We will be reading lots of shoe stories in class and even designing and making our own shoes!

Communication through See Saw is new to me however I believe some of the P4-5s are experts!  With their help, I will have lots of posts on this very soon!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. I’m happy to help in any way I can and am looking forward to teaching your child this year.