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We are looking forward to showing you some of our class learning activities in Share and Learn on Thursday morning. Hope you can all make it!


Our context is a novel study ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We are enjoying acting out parts of the story in Drama and our next activity is to plan, design and make an Iron Man junk model. All junk gratefully received for this task!


We are learning about different types of angles in Maths and extending our knowledge of different 2D shapes.

For Learn Its in Big Maths lots of us are trying to speed up with our times table facts. Keep practising at home please. Recalling times tables in maths is so important.

Sumdog passwords have gone home today. It would be great if your child could log on and practice mental maths skills using the different games available.


We have been learning more French in class. Our focus over the next couple of weeks will be language of The French Café!

We are getting excited about our shared learning on the 14th February (a letter will be sent home closer to the time) and alongside learning French words and phrases we have been baking. This week we have learned how to bake chocolate croissants.  We will be making more for our shared learning so you can taste them!

A fun activity for your child would be to find a simple French recipe and to do some baking at home! We would be happy to have your child bring in something they have made at home to explain to the class

 November 2017

P5/6 have returned after the October holidays keen to get busy with learning.

Thank you to all the parents, family members and friends who were interviewed about smoking for Home Learning last week as part of our Health and Wellbeing focus.  We discussed your answers in depth and it gave us a real insight into why people start to smoke and how difficult it is to give up.

Our sixties topic is complete now and our next context is France. Our Big Question is ‘Why would you visit France?’

This will involve studying the different areas of France and comparing life there with our life in Scotland. We will be researching places to visit on a trip to Paris, including The Eiffel Tower. We will write travel brochures. In technology we will have a go at building one in small groups!

Of course, we will have lots of opportunities to practise the language, learning new words and phrases. Everyone in the class has a French Christian name.

Early next year we are looking forward to inviting family and friends to our French café where we will serve you speaking in French and you will have the chance to taste some French cuisine!

In numeracy our main topics this block are Fractions, Symmetry and Time. Please support your child at home with lots of practise at telling the time in 12 hour and 24 hour clock.  This would really help us in school.

It’s a busy term. We are preparing for the Christmas Fayre at the beginning of December. We need lots of milk bottle tops and would be very grateful if you could start collecting them.

Our hamper is BLUE. If you can donate something we would be most grateful.

Thank you, Mrs Collins

August 2016

P5-6 have had a fantastic first week back at school. Everyone looks so smart in their new school uniforms and are eager to get started back into learning. They are real Superheroes!

During Getting to Learn fortnight we have created our own imaginary superheroes in class and made them into Top Trump cards. Each character is unique with its own superpower. Using the individual points they have earned throughout the week each person takes part in a Friday Superhero battle to see who is invincible that week!

We are keeping fit with GoNoodle and running the mile several times each week.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are gym days this year.

Home Learning will be issued on a Monday to be completed and returned on a Friday.

Every pupil in P5-6 is signed up to Studyladder and I would like to encourage everyone to complete lots of tasks as it really practises core skills in numeracy and literacy.

Please get in touch if you have any questions

Mrs Collins



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