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This week the snow hasn’t stopped P6 excellent progress in maths.

Yasmin says “That doing the division really helped me because I wasn’t that confident at division but now I am!”

17 of her classmates agreed – good work P6.

Elyssa liked the new class games we created, everyone was great at taking turns and listening, Good co-operative skills were in action - thank you PJ for your super instructions.

We were lucky enough to have a ventriloquist workshop from Gordon who came and taught us how to say “P” without moving our lips. If you are enjoying trying that there are lots of youtube videos to teach you how to say the other difficult sounds – b, f, m, v and w.

Thanks for the sharing bible stories too.

Keep practising you times tables they will help with the division we are tackling just now.

Please bring in P.E. kits every day and on Wednesday hopefully we’ll get outside for rugby.





Please bring in outdoor P.E. kits every week as we are lucky enough to be having a block of rugby coaching every Wednesday up until the Easter holidays. Well done for great effort, listening and team work from all the pupils’ who participated today. A great start to our rugby block.

‘I thought rugby was amazing and it’s one of my favourite sports so I really enjoyed it’ says P.J.

New in the class is the Number of the Day and Word of the Day, Elyssa says she likes the Number of the day challenge. It is a way of practising Big Maths skills every day.

Words we have looked at this week so far are intrepid and nuisance.

We will be developing our summarising and note taking skills through our Harry Potter topic by picking our key information when reading.



Happy new year and welcome back!

We are back to our Harry Potter topic and working hard. We have been looking at Newspaper reports and started to look at and improve our ability to self assess our writing.

We made a list of the different newspapers we know about. If you have any recent papers you have finished with can we have them please?

In Maths we have been learning about calculating area and continuing developing our Learn It’s for Big Maths.

In Bounceback lessons on ‘No Bullying’ we are learning about what Bullying is and how it affects people.

In French –Quel temp fait ils? Ask your children what it means!

Please remember to bring in your P.E. kits and Active Spelling Jotters every day.

And finally thank you so much for all the lovely thoughtful cards and gifts we received. Here’s to 2018!

Primary 6                             08.12.17

Welcome Back to Primary 6.

It continues to be a busy term at Hogwarts!


Task this week is to memorise words for our 2 songs that we will be singing in the Christmas Concert.

Here is a link to In the Bleak Midwinter (First 2 verses only)


and Merry Christmas Everyone


Both have the lyrics so don’t worry if you have left your song sheet at school.


We have had an excellent Big Write this week, well done for all the effort put in to paragraphs, descriptions and writing in the first person.

“I like Big Write because we get to pick what we write about and we use imagination” Layney

“I like Big write and using the coin multiplication method because it is easier for me. I have been using 4 digit numbers!” Dylan

“I really like Big Write” Nathan


Word Aware. We have been getting to know complex words in more detail, so we feel confident using the in our writing and talking. Our words this week have been:

  • Formidable
  • Barge
  • Resilience
  • Tragic
  • Abducted

Ask us what these words mean and challenge us to put them in a sentence.


We continue our Harry Potter adventure. We are reading aloud in class and are working on recognising punctuation for fluency and on our tone and expression. We like finding new ambitious vocabulary and discussing the meanings.

“I really enjoy the class novel harry Potter. I always want to read more” Kiernan

“I would like to do Harry Potter drama…I would be Hermione!” Amy

Last week we had our first potions class and we made slime using different ingredients. We enjoyed the messiness and seeing what happens when different substances are put together. Potions is proving a popular class. Perhaps we will be scientists (or wizards) when we are older!

“I would like to do more potions class” Skye

“ I enjoy Harry potter and the art to do with Harry Potter. I think we are lucky to get to make slime” Samantha

“I enjoyed the slime making” Petru

“ I really like making slime because it is hard to always have the products to make it at home” Yasmin

“I have been enjoying the Harry potter topic and making potions” Tia

“I enjoyed making the fabulous slime because that was the first time I’d ever made it” Cayden


Today we started construction of our wands using sticks and paper mache. Next week we will create their designs.

 “I liked making the slime and wands and I’d like to make a broomstick” Connel

“I want to do more art stuff for Harry Potter” Abbie

“ I think Harry potter is a really exciting book. Id like to do more construction stuff for it” Zak

“I really liked making the wands” Maddie


We are looking forward to what the next few weeks of term will bring. Keep working hard and trying your best Primary 6!


Primary 6


We are enjoying our topic Harry Potter and there have been some super class discussions on the text, and lots of creative tasks, some which we tackled co-operatively. Dylan says about the stained glass windows “It took a while but after it looked awesome.”

Abbie says “ I like working in my team, I really liked the teams I’ve been in so far for my groups and I like the jobs we did in groups”

Some of us really enjoy working co-operatively and some of us find it challenging.

Hannah “Sometimes you can get stressed if one thing goes wrong, sometimes you can get into arguments”

Connell “I think working in a group is good because you meet different people, you can have a kind of bossy person in your group, you can help them to stop being like that. Or say you have someone who just lets people do it and doesn’t do anything you can give them a job to do because it will help them do more stuff.”

Cayden says “I think it is hard to work in a group because everyone has different skills that they are good at. Say one person is good at one thing and some is good at another but there might be something that no one is good at you have to try and work as a group and that is really hard.”

P6 have been learning about the Bounceback core values of respect, honesty, fairness, kindness, co-operation and support.

Nathan says “It helps you, if you are kind more people will like you.”

Zak “If you follow the core values life is easier when you get older.”

Everyone agrees with Zak!

P.E Kits - We are getting better at nearly all of us bringing P.E. kits every day. Next week we will have a survey to see how well we are doing at this…

Primary 6


Welcome to Term 2 of Primary 6


We started the new term off by receiving invitations in the post to join Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!

We will be learning all about the world of Harry Potter and we have begun by being sorted into our Hogwarts houses. The sorting hat came into class and looked at our personalities to work out which house we belonged to.


Gryffindor, for the bold, brave and chivalrous.

Ravenclaw, for those who value studying hard and intellect.

Hufflepuff, for those who are kind, loyal and hardworking.


We will be doing our best to uphold the values of our houses.

Which house do you think you would belong to?


Our thoughts so far...

“I’m excited to make wands and I liked making the owls and banners. Harry Potter is my favourite topic.” Amy D (though I would now like to be known as Hermione!)

“I really like the Harry Potter topic. I think it’s one of my favourites so far.” Zak

“I really like the Harry potter books. They are super creative.” Samantha

“I am really excited about what we are going to do in this topic.” Nathan

“I really wanted to be in Gryffindor but I got chosen for Hufflepuff. I am excited about this topic as I know a lot about Harry Potter.” Connel

“I am looking forward to doing potion making.” Nicki

“I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book. I am happy to be in Ravenclaw.” Casey


We look forward to keeping you up to date with our journey through the wizarding world.




P6 participated in the Scottish Book Trust Author Live event with Scottish writer Pamela Butchart.

This week we did our first Learn Its Beat That! The sheets are coming home so everyone can practise and develop their quick recall of the Learn Its they are working on.

Congratulations to the Stars this week who were awarded the class certificates - Nicki and Tia-Jay!

 Please remember P.E. kits, active spelling jotters and coat everyday.



P6 have been learning about homophones – here’s a game to play at home


Can you match the words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and have different meanings? E.g.: pair and pear. We made posters to explain what the words meant and what a homophone is.

Remember to bring in your active spelling jotters every day and look on the spelling page of the website for lots of ideas to help remember them.

Next week is Maths week and we will be helping the P1\2 with counting and everybody now has sumdog passwords and usernames so make sure your child gets on to it and practises maths! Or click here


to practise adding decimals.


Bring P.E. kits, your active spelling jotter and a coat every day. Thank you



We have been learning about set design with real set designers coming into talk to us. We are going to be designing our own sets for this years’ pantomime for when Perth Theatre re-opens this year.

Primary 6 say that Maths has been fun! We’ve been looking for patterns in our times tables with Mrs Low and revising smile addition with Mrs T.

We did our first Big Write based on the Class Novel ‘The Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaiman. Cole liked how everyone had different ideas and everyone enjoyed the virtual tour of a graveyard.


Welcome back!

For your information Mrs Thorogood teaches Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Low on a Thursday and Friday.

Please ensure your child brings their P.E. kit every day.