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Green Flag Update – 8.05.17

Calling all “ECO Warriors”! Many classes are taking part in the OPAL Air Survey and P6/7 is looking for 4 families to volunteer to carry out the survey on our behalf at a time and place of your choosing. If you are interested please let your child know and Mrs Hay will issue your child with an air survey pack which provides you with all the information and equipment that you need.  This is a fun activity that the whole family can do together.


ECO Community Project

Your child may have told you that we have launched an “anti-dog fouling campaign” to try and resolve the issue of dog fouling in and around the school grounds. We have emailed the Greenspace Community Team at Perth and Kinross Council and also intend writing letters to them.  We have designed leaflets to deliver to the school neighbours.  As a result we hope that our campaign will have a significant impact in reducing the amount of dog fouling around our school.  Your comments on this matter are most welcome.  Please feel free to contact the school either by phone or via your child.


03.03.17 P6/7 Learning Blog

Mrs Thorogood has been with us for two weeks now. She is loving her new class and P6/7 are loving their new teacher just as much!  Miss Oliver and Mrs Forbes are helping out on Thursdays and Fridays as Mrs Hay has been  unwell.

Our class novel is 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.  We have been learning how to summarise sections of the book, write our own imaginative pieces of writing and we really enjoyed designing and making our very own masks.

Kevin has enjoyed tricky maths this week - it's been really hard but he managed to do it because he persevered.

Kyle has found an easier way to complete his multiplication sums this week - he has used some really useful strategies to help him rather than just doubling

Jack has started working with negative numbers and so far he has found it quite easy and is looking forward to doing more work on this.  Jack found the designing and making his Iron Man mask tricky but he persevered and is proud of the end result!

Kiara loves her new 'Where's Wally' book she received free from World Book Day; she's found all of the Wallies already with the help of a magnifying glass!

Charley is enjoying getting to know her paired reading buddy; she loves helping them by being a good listener and asking questions.

Stevie'Lee has worked hard to multiply TU by a single digit using a written method - great job!

Chloe worked really hard to develop her skills in multiplying TU and HTU by 10.

Callum loved the trip to Perth College where the class played lots of games and he is looking forward to his turn on the climbing wall.

Tyler enjoyed working on Teejay maths this week; there was one really tricky bit but it was good!

We have all started Paired Reading this week too; we have recorded how we feel after week 1 and we will do the same again at the end - enjoy our photos!



10.02.17 P6/7 Learning Blog


We have been focusing on our WWII play. It was about how the war affected people at home, specifically Evacuees who were children that were sent to the countryside to avoid attacks from the Germans. It also included a scene about a German Air Raid and showed how people would have to take cover in an Anderson Shelter. Everyone worked together to make gas mask boxes, evacuee labels, chocolate rationing cake and jam sandwiches. We invited our parents/carers in to watch our play and taste our delicious refreshments.

"I enjoyed the play because it was about evacuees and air raids." - Kevin

"I enjoyed the play because we got to dress up." - Eilidh

"I enjoyed the play because we all had fun doing it." - Holly

"The play was enjoyable because everyone got a part and nobody was left out." - Charley

"I liked the play because it was realistic." - Kyle

"I liked the play because I got to do lots of drama and acting." - Kevin

"I especially liked getting to dress up." - Tyler

"I enjoyed it because we all dressed like people from the war." - Stevie'Lee

"The singing was my favourite part." - Jack


We also learned about Judaism and the Holocaust.

"The Holocaust was a mass genocide of Jews during WWII because Hitler blamed Jews for the loss of WWI. Hitler and the Nazi party sent Jews to concentration camps to work as slaves or to be killed." - Nathan

"Hitler killed 6 million Jews." - Kyle

"3 million of the Jews were Polish." - Emilka  

"They were forced to wear the Star of David badges so Jews could be identified easily." - Eilidh

"Jewish people don't celebrate Christmas as part of their religion." - Kevin

"On a Friday Jewish people have a big family meal." - Holly

"Judaism has 613 commandments." - Stevie'Lee

"They have 7-8 festivals a year." - Brendan

"Jews believe in one God only." - Kiera

"The Torah is their most holy book." - Eilidh


We have been practising subtraction in maths. Some of us have been working on 2 digit subtraction using materials, some of us have challenged ourselves to 3, 4 and 5 digit number subtraction while others have had a go at decimal subtraction. We have all been successful!

We have also been measuring in maths. We can all measure in m, cm and mm. As part of our WWII baking we have shown good measuring skills using grams and kilograms. The cakes were yummy!


P6/7 January News

This term we have been learning about lots of interesting things here are some of them:

In our WW2 context we have learned about rationing, evacuation, the blitz and the timeline. We also looked at some artefacts such as coins, telegrams, ration books and Identity cards .We are going to learn what life was like in WW2. Everyone is enjoying learning about WW2 and is always enthusiastic in the lessons.

 We have been very lucky to have Mrs Bailie from Perth academy come to teach us tennis. Everyone likes tennis with Mrs Bailie and enjoys every lesson. Mrs Bailie has helped us to get better with our bat and ball skills. She has been teaching us how to play proper tennis matches in singles and doubles.

The class have been learning Scottish poems for Robert Burns day. We all had a choice of three different Robert Burns poems. The   poems are: Address to the toothache, To a mouse and My Luve is Like a Red Red Rose. Everyone had a chance to say their poem in front of the class and the three best people got to say their poem to the school at Get Together. Well done to Charley and Tyler who recited ‘Address to a Toothache’, Kevin who recited ‘To a Mouse’ and Holly who recited ‘My Luve is Like a Red Red Rose’ – you were all fab!

In maths we have been doing measurement with millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm) and metres (m). We have also been doing estimation. We estimated the door, our nail, our bedroom, classroom and much more.

 We are enjoying this term very much and can’t wait for the next.   

By Eilidh and Katie 

P6/7 November Newsletter

We have enjoyed learning about the rainforest and how it is important to us. Let’s hear what some people thought: “I enjoyed learning about the rainforest” – Molly. Eilidh- “I enjoyed learning about all the animals in the rainforest.” Charley- “I enjoyed learning about the deforestation and how to class different species of animals”. “

This term we have had some visitors such as:

  • Google Expeditions which was really fun and a great experience.
  • The Mitie Charity came to tell us about how to save the environment and we made a wind turbine - that was fun too!

We also had a healthy morning with a lady from St. Johnstone’s female team and we did some warm ups which was really fun.

Our next topic is about WW2, our big question is ‘What was life at home like during WW2?’ Everybody is  looking forward to learning about it.

Holly- “I would like to learn a bit more about Hitler”.

We have also being learning about Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies. We did home learning that we shared in front of the class and that is now displayed out on the landing. P7s went around the classes in the school selling paper poppies they were sold for a suggested donation of 50p and we raised £149.36. They were only being sold for 2 weeks. We all would like to say a massive thank you to anybody who bought poppies!

By Charley and Eilidh

Primary 6/7

P6/7 have settled in really well so far this term. Everyone has been very kind, welcoming and supportive as we get to know one another more. Some P7 prefects have already been selected and are carrying out their roles in a very responsible manner! Well done to Holly, Sarah and Eilidh.

During Getting Ready to Learn fortnight we were learning about the Olympic Games and some of the inspirational Team GB athletes who performed amazingly in Rio! The pupils worked in pairs to learn more about athletes such as: Jess Ennis-Hill, Jason Kenny and Callum Skinner. As the Olympic Games began in Ancient Greece we have been listening to some Greek Myths and Legends – they are certainly giving some of us goose bumps!

We have now moved on to learning about the Rainforest and are currently creating a rainforest area in our classroom. Watch this space for photos…

We are aiming to run the 'Daily Mile' several times throughout the week to help us keep fit. In addition to this, PE is on Tuesday and Thursday each week. For 4 weeks P6/7 are lucky enough to have Mrs Bailie from Perth Academy coaching Hockey and this is on a Wednesday. Try to ensure gym kits are in school daily.

Home Learning will be issued on a Monday to be completed and returned on a Friday. This will include tasks set on Studyladder to improve core numeracy and literacy skills. BBC Dancemats is also an important aspect of home learning. This helps develop touch typing – a much needed skill.

Mrs Thomson