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Primary 6/7 Mrs Ross

February 2019

As we are now using SeeSaw to share our learning journey, we will no longer be updating this page. You can find out what we are up to and the fantastic progress we are making via SeeSaw. Please see me if you are not signed up already and would like more information.


P6/7 Blog – 25.01.19


We have been learning about special numbers over the last few weeks in our Maths groups - multiples, factors, prime numbers, square and triangular numbers. This has helped us further with our understanding of maths language. Most of us know the terms lowest common multiple (l.c.m) and highest common factor (h.c.f) and can apply these skills to simple number problems.

We have also been investigating number patterns and sequences (some of them were really tricky and took a lot of working out!) We used our computer skills to find out about an interesting Mathematician from Italy called Leonardo Fibonacci and we enjoyed creating our own Fibonacci sequences. Some of us have also been learning about linear patters and starting to use formulae.

“It wasn’t always simple because some of the patterns were quite hard but I know I need to keep trying!” (Joshua)

“If I write out my tables, I can find the highest common factor and lowest common multiple.” (Ellis)

“If you know your tables, square numbers are quite easy!” (Robyn)

“Once I got the hang of the Fibonacci numbers, I understood what I had to do.” (Ellie)



We are developing our writing skills by up-levelling our writing, using a variety of ambitious openers and connecting words and this is reflected in our recent imaginative pieces about space. Most of us are trying to remember to keep checking our work and self-correcting when we have missed words, when we need to up-level our work or when our writing does not quite make sense. Our dictionary and thesaurus skills are developing well with constant practice at Word of the Day.

“The writing about our own perfect planets was fun and we used our writing skills to include adjectives and adverbs.” (Rhys)

“In our plans, we have been using bullet points because we are starting to write non-chronological reports – this is a report which is not written in order.” (Jack)


The Solar System

This is our current context which the children are enjoying. They have come up with lots of questions and are starting to use their research skills to find out about the Earth and Moon using books and relevant web-sites, creating a fact-file. We tried to make the different phases of the moon with oreo cookies which was tricky but fun and we are keeping a moon diary! We will use our fact-files to create a report.




We have been busy learning new skills about measurement - specifically working out area, perimeter  and length. We have been discussing how these skills will help us in our lives and most of us know how to do the following by applying our new skills

  • calculating the area of a regular shape like a rectangle or a right angled triangle or an irregular shape – some of us thought this is useful to know for laying a carpet, lino or turfing a garden
  • calculating the perimeter of a shape – useful if we want to put up a fence around the outside of a garden for example
  • calculating the length of various objects using the correct unit of measurement - millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m)or kilometres (km). We have also been converting between different units of measurement

I have been measuring objects and changing cm to m using a decimal point.” Kenzie 

I know the different units and can use them to measure things in mm, cm, m and km.” Klaudia

I can measure using cm and know how to record half a cm.” Ellis

I know how many millimetres in 1 centimetre, how many centimetres in 1 metre and how many metres in 1 kilometre and I am beginning to be able to convert these.” Robyn

I have been estimating the length of things with Mrs Hunter then measuring and comparing my answers.” Ryan


We have been focussing on up-levelling our writing to make our pieces more interesting. We have been reminding ourselves about using more ambitious adjectives and adverbs as well as reading over our work to check it is accurate and the best it can be.

We can all use our dictionary skills to help us with new words and most of us can use a thesaurus effectively.

I need to try to use more adverbs in my sentences to help make the verbs more interesting.” Rhys


Health & Well-Being 

As this has been anti-bullying week, we have been creating colourful leaflets containing strong messages about bullying.  Bullying is an issue we will not accept in any form. We understand that there are different types of bullying and we all know that it is wrong. We know to immediately report any form of bullying to an adult.

I enjoyed creating my anti-bullying leaflet and making it eye-catching.” Katy          

Finally . . .

We are now preparing for our Seesaw Shared Learning session on 12th December, discussing our enterprise project for the Christmas Fayre on 14th December when we hope to make a healthy profit and practising our songs for our Christmas Concert on 19th December.



Context/Language - P6/7 have been finding out the answers to a number of war related questions from our planning discussions and have been working hard over the last 2 weeks writing newspaper reports about the declaration of war and the Blitz in various parts of the UK. We have structured our writing carefully to include all the elements of a newspaper report and have practised our note-taking and editing skills. We have also identified our next steps through feedback. Great work P6/7!

“Air raid shelters need to be as hard as steel, as big as possible and unseeable” – Ryan and Cayden

“Get to them as fast as you can!” – Kenzie

“Go to the London Underground and hide!” – Ellie

“Public shelters weren’t as safe as Underground shelters” - Klaudia        

“Out of all the Air Raid shelters, the Underground in London was the safest” – Kenzie

We are all enjoying our class novel, “Machine Gunners” by Robert Westall. We have lots of new words on our word wall such as catastrophe, phalanx, compensations, incendiary! See if you can test an adult at home!

Numeracy - we continue to focus on number this term and the Decagons and Octagons have made lots of progress learning strategies to help multiply and divide by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 in two separate steps. The Decagons have also been problem solving and have tackled this enthusiastically.

The Hexagons have been focusing on Big Maths, learning to divide with remainders, partitioning numbers, doubling numbers and times table activities. Some of our learning this week has been quite tricky and although we know we can’t do it all yet, we know that we can use different strategies to help us if we feel we are in the Learning Pit. Peer support has been one we have used frequently this week – well done to everyone.

Lovely progress is being made with Beat That Learn Its Challenges and Beat That CLIC Challenges which we complete weekly. Overall, we are improving our scores and some of us are managing to score 90 or 100% in our CLIC Challenges.

HWB - we are focusing on the Bounce Back Core Values with Respect at the top of the list. We know how important they all are in helping us to develop skills for learning, life and work as Secondary School gets nearer! We have also uploaded some of our targets linked to our class rules on to “Seesaw” using our goal, plan, do, review approach.

French - we are spending time revising our French through songs and conversations – how we say our name, age. Birthday, where we live, our numbers and greetings. We all think Yasmin has an amazing French accent! Well done Yasmin.  

Home Learning - all the instructions/details are in our Home Learning Yellow jotters which are given out on a Monday or Tuesday and returned completed with parent/carers signatures on a Friday. As well as the weekly tasks, challenges and individual research, we hope that everyone is “talking” about our context at home and “picking the brains” of family members who may have stories to tell from family histories. A big thank-you to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to provide us with interesting artefacts including old photographs.    

PE - just a reminder that PE kit must be either stored in the classroom or taken to school on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Class PE will start after the October holidays on a Friday.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need clarification about anything or indeed on any matter relating to your child. I will be happy to help in any way.


Mrs Ross & P6/7



Welcome back to everyone - we hope you had a great summer in the sun!

We are settling back into school routines once again and are looking forward to either our last year or second last year at Letham Primary!


Although the timetable was slightly different in the first week, we can confirm that our PE slots are on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Class PE is on Friday morning.

This week, P6/7 have enjoyed a 35 minute block of transition PE led by Mrs Baillie from Perth Academy. This will run for another 2 weeks - Wednesday 22nd and 29th August. After that, we will begin our class PE slot on Friday mornings.   


The majority of the class have voted to learn about WW2 this term - both Kenzie and Khai came up with the idea after choosing WW2 books from our school library. We have agreed our big and little questions and have learned a few facts already about why the war started.

So far, a few children have enjoyed sharing books and some artefacts with the class and we encourage everyone to bring in any items of interest (with permission from parents, of course!)


We are excited to be experimenting with our new on-line profiling system called See-saw which is new to us all in P6/7. The children have been experimenting with it on i-pads and are looking forward to posting their work into their individual profiles.

Please return any further See-saw parental consent forms to school as soon as possible.

Home Learning

Information to follow


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need clarification about anything or indeed on any matter relating to your child. I will be happy to help in any way.


Mrs Ross & P6/7