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Primary 7

April 2017

This term we'll be spending lots of time getting ready for HighSchool. This includes getting our heads down and working hard in class, as well as taking part in, and making the most of, lots of opportunities to learn more about high school, how to keep ourselves safe and getting to know the places we're going to, and the people who we'll be going there with. 

We hope you loved our Scottish Opera efforts and performance. Now that this is finished, we are going to have some mini topic focusses, including Europe and Italy, Ann Frank and novel study which we will be starting very soon. 

Please ensure you check the website and mail for the various dates and events that are taking place, and will impact on our normal routine.  

January 2017

Our main topic this term will be ‘WW2’, with our HWB learning continuing to focus on ‘thinking about thinking’. We’d love for any family members who have artefacts from WW2, or who have stories about their experience of that time, to come in and share these with us. If you think you might like to come in to help us learn, or send in your artefact(s) with your child, please let me know my emailing KDudding@pkc.gov.uk, or by sending a note via your child.

Home learning, rather than being shared verbally or via our class Glow blog, will now be posted on our school website! Please see our 'P7 - Extending our Learning' page. Further, to keep you even more up to date with your child's progress and learning, please take a look at our 'P7 - Talking about our Learning' page. 

As ever, please do get in touch should you have any queries, questions, or worries regarding any part of your childs life.


November 2016

After a very successful assembly, I’d like to thank parents for both supporting your children in practising and for coming along! We will continue to extend and develop our cooking and enterprise skills through tuck which the Primary 7s are responsible for at break time; and we aim to return to ‘food’s incredible journey’ as one of our term 3 topics, when we’ll see you for a ‘cook-along’ shared learning, and you’ll see us blogging about food, our bodies and cooking!

Some important information for you... 

  • Home learning has changed a little, as of last week. We’re all very excited about being able to complete aspects of our home learning electronically via our class blog. This will allow us all to discuss learning and use each other to help us track our own learning, enrich our learning and move our learning forward, at home. Some reading will also continue to come home at times. All pupils are expected to read and enjoy their personal novels, and have new diaries to track and reflect on their personal reading journeys. Further, learning and consolidating our times tables is essential. Your child will have lots of fun ways that you can help them with this each week. Little and often is best.
  • Music is on Monday morning.
  • P.E. is on Wednesday morning and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure you child has suitable, clean kit on those days.

August 2016

Our main topic this term focusses around our healthy tuck shop. Many thanks to those who visited on meet the teacher day to help us with our ‘little questions’. We are and will continue to extend our knowledge and skills in many areas of the Curriculum including:

  • enterprise
  • place value, accountancy and data analysis (Maths),
  • food preparation (Health / Technology),
  • marketing and understanding how adverts can influence us (Language and Literacy)
  • the journey of some foods and cooking (Science and Technology)

Our ICT skills will be utilised and developed throughout, whether in keeping track of our budget and accounts using spreadsheets, displaying and analysing what is being sold and enjoyed the most, as well as marketing through our websites new Tuck Shop page, where you and your children can see what’s for sale and why, and how much it costs. This should start next week so keep checking! 

As ever, please get in touch if you have any queries. Many thanks, Mr Dudding

 Some important information for you... 

Music is on Monday morning.

P.E. is on Wednesday morning and afternoon. Please ensure you child has suitable, clean kit on those days.

 Home Learning

 Home learning is issued weekly, usually Monday, and in most cases it will be due on a Friday, or sometimes Monday if it’s a research based task. Tasks will vary, but soon will include maths consolidation and reading. The last week of every month will be a project based task, such as our recent entrepreneur research task. In time, this project based task will be more practical and may involve an adult or older sibling (written details will be sent home if this is the case).