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Primary 7



P7 are very busy this term with lots of trips out of school. Practising our football and volleyball skills at Perth College every Monday and Friday has been a highlight.

Wider Achievement Time has started again on a Wednesday and we are all learning new skills like rugby, mindfulness and chess.

Mr Thomson has been helping us make a wonderful learning pit display showing the emotions we feel during the learning journey and we now know strategies to help us get out of the learning pit….


Take a deep breath

Ask for support

Take a break ….Come back to it later

are a few examples


Our context is Water. We have been experimenting with dissolving substances in water and learning about the work of the charity Water Aid this week, 




We are fortunate to have Mr Thomson, student teacher in class for the next 5 weeks.

Our new context is Water. We will be investigating the science of water, learning about Water Aid and later on researching polar explorers.

In maths, we are all exploring length, area and perimeter. Hexagons will be asked to complete extra home learning at times to reinforce what has been taught in school.

In literacy we are writing our thank you letters to Lendrick Muir. Those who did not go have worked with Mr Thomson to improve their ICT skills. They used hyperlinks and animations in power points to our Greek Pen pals

In reflective reading we have looked at Growth mindset through the Paralympians who have the ‘Yes I can’ attitude.


Swimming group need a towel, costume and 50p for a locker on Thursdays

Take Your Child To Work Day on Thursday 26th April

Perth College on Mondays P.E kit required.

HOME LEARNING: Create another fact file on a Paralympian OR make a power point on the recent commonwealth games that took place on The Gold Coast, Australia. Email to me at school please.




We have been exploring Growth Mindset this week in P7 and finding out what The Learning Pit is. We can identify and explain the three learning zones: Comfort, Stretch and Danger. We can give lots of examples of when we have been in these different learning zones and our next step is to find strategies to help us get out of The Learning Pit when learning is a struggle.  We now know that a Growth Mindset helps us progress with our learning.

Also this week we have been busy creating our Pop- up picture books. They look amazing and we hope to share them with P1s early next term.

Next week is Lendrick Muir for most of us. We are all very excited and can’t wait to push ourselves into our Stretch Zone by trying lots of challenging activities




We are looking forward to our P7 smoking workshop on Monday. We know the bad effects that smoking has on our bodies and the highly addictive nature of nicotine. We have made up some slogans to promote anti-smoking messages.

Don’t smoke or you will choke.

Health is wealth: Fags cost lots.

Nicotine is not clean, stop smoking and your life will gleam!

Smoking is shocking: get a better life!

Fags are bad, health is rad

Health is wealth, you need help to quit.



We have been sharing our opinions in class in preparation for writing an argument in Big Write.

The topics we have discussed are..

If you could live forever, would you?

Should mobile phones be allowed in class?

Should we eat chocolate for breakfast?


Our pop up picture books are looking good and when they are finished we will share them with P1s.



P7 have been very active this week, enjoying football/volleyball at Perth College and Rugby sessions and cross country at school. In addition, some of us are looking forward to participating in the Cross Country Championships next Wednesday.

In maths we are revising telling the time using 12 and 24 hour clock. Some of us are reading timetables and solving time related problems. At home it would be beneficial to practise telling the time in different ways with your child. Please bring in any travel timetables from home we could look at as this will help with our learning.

We are making our very own Picture Books with a partner using pop-up mechanisms. We hope to share these with younger classes when they are complete. If you have any pop books at home we would love to see them!

In health we are exploring the impact Peer Pressure has on making good choices. We have looked at some real life situations where peer pressure might influence us and thought up ways we could deal with this. Our next step is to turn those situations into mini dramas that we have scripted.





This week we are preparing our picture book presentation to younger classes. We are preparing lots of props and are working on lots of expression to make the story engaging for our audience.

The books we are presenting are ….

The fourth bonniest baby in Dundee

Gorilla loves vanilla

The little owl

Some of us were using ICT skills to create voting slips for the classes to find out which book is most popular.

‘It’s fun making props for our book like ice creams,’ says Casey.

‘This week in French about how to say the countries in French and we played bingo to help us learn the vocabulary,’ says Casey.

‘We have been playing boggle to help with spelling. I’m quite good at it. We played an alphabet game linked to our novel The Explorer,’ says Lee.






Everyone in P7 have a Sumdog challenge to complete over the weekend. Logins have been distributed and lots of us have completed many questions over the last few days. Who will be top of the leader board on Monday, I wonder?

Education City is also set up with Homework tasks in French. Practise Days of the Week and numbers. There are also some other activities linked to our last topic Colour and Light. If you have internet access, please have a go.




As part of our colour and light context we made Kaleidoscopes using three mirrors that reflect off one another.

‘It was really cool looking through because of all the patterns that you could see inside it,’ says Charley.


We looked at optical illusions online where our eyes tricked our brains into seeing strange things!

‘One of the illusions made everyone blurry and the walls looked like they might cave in!’ says Kyle.

I liked looking for the hidden man’s face in the coffee beans. It was hard to see him,’ says Kevin.


We were scientists this week when we completed a Chromatography Experiment.

‘ I enjoyed seeing the different colours within the dark felt tip pen,’ says Casey.

Come to P7 STAY and LEARN at 9am on Wednesday 17th January to see more activities we do in class and even have a go yourselves!



Lee has enjoyed maths this week. ‘ I like learning about percentages, decimals and fractions.’ Mrs Collins says Lee answered lots of challenging questions that showed deep knowledge of this area of maths. Well Done Lee!

Jack F got 42/42 on Beat That and is moving on to 72 questions next week. Brilliant!

Jack K got 100% on his Beat That too. Fantastic!

In our new topic Colour and Light ‘we shone light through prisms to see if we could see all the colours of the rainbow,’ says Kiera.

‘We made colour spinners using the 7 colours in the spectrum. When we spun it really fast the colours merged to make white light,’ says Kyle.


‘In Literacy, I know that personification means when we take an object and make it do things humans or livings can do,’ says Tyler. Matthew says, ‘our next step is to use it in our writing.’


‘Mr Findlay is a French Teacher from Perth Academy who comes to our class each week to help us improve our French,’ says Chloe, ‘We all think he makes French fun!’


Our new topic is Colour and Light. It is science and we will be doing lots of experiments. This week we have looked at natural and artificial light sources. We are exploring shadow. We made 3D tin foil figures and showed where the shadow falls and what it looks like using torches to help us.

Next week is Book Week and we will be finishing ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ which is a novel we are reading in class linked to Ancient Greek Mythology.

Kevin’s favourite part is when Percy is trying to get the lightning bolt back from Hades.

Tyler really liked the bit where they were in the casino and time moved very fast.

 Euan liked the bit when they were at Hephaestus’ water park.

Remember dress up on Friday as your favourite book character.





We have been working really hard on our performance skills so that parents and friends enjoyed our Ancient Greece Assembly today. Learning songs, making props and practising our lines have been great fun!

Dario is my assembly star!

It’s exciting being Greek God in the assembly. I’m Hades,’ says Euan

‘We have put a lot of thought and work into it,’ says Kyle

‘I enjoyed singing the songs,’ says Charley

In maths lots of us have moved up with our times tables by using Hit the button games on the computer. Extra practise on these games at home will help those still learning their times table facts. Also, we can simplify fractions now and find equivalent fractions either by building bridges or by using a fraction wall. Knowing the times tables facts makes this process quicker.

Fractions is easy,’ says Tyler

‘Fractions was hard at first but with practise it is now easy,’ says Emilia

‘I can build bridges and divide and multiply to find equivalent fractions’ says Charley





What super imaginative stories P7 have written based on our Percy Jackson novel   ‘The Lightning Thief’

Star Writers that Mrs Collins is most proud of are …

Ben     Lauren      Bethany  Chloe

‘I like the fact that I can use my imagination to go anywhere I want with the story,’ says Charley

‘My word count is high 315 words,’ says Erin

‘My story is really long and I am only halfway through it,’ says Chloe


We are all enjoying weekly short tennis sessions with Mrs Baillie and really improving our racket skills each week.

Jack F and Charley are short tennis stars!



Our first week of the new term has been spent working as a team to complete our Aladdin Theatre Design Sets ready for the shared learning on Wednesday 1st November 9.00-9.30am. We are looking forward to showing our creative models!

At the Market

Cave of Treasure

The Launderette

‘I liked theatre set design because we got to make stuff using junk, ‘ says Lauren.

In health we have been learning about Personal Hygiene. We all drew and labelled pictures of Stinky Bob then took on the role of Hygiene Consultants and gave him advice about keeping clean.

‘We did this so we could make sure we all smell nice and clean,’ says Kiera.

We’ve had fun with Mrs Baillie as she has been teaching us short tennis skills and many of us are really great players.

‘Tennis was fun. I like playing Mrs Collins and Charley. Ben and I won! ‘ says Jack F.

The Fire and Rescue Service visited us, too. They talked about Firework and Bonfire safety in preparation for Guy Fawkes Night on Sunday.

‘We now know the special safety code that tells us fireworks are safe to use: BS7114’ says Tyler and Stevie Lee.



Studyladder stars this week are …

Jack K, Dario, Kiera and Charley

 Sumdog stars this week are ….  Jack K, Brendan, Dario, Pieter and Kevin

 Mrs Collins is proud of ….

Pieter for persevering with tricky number work where he had to divide and multiply by 10 and 100.

For Big Write Persephone Myths using: colons and semi-colons, sentence openers and wow words.

High word counts from Lauren, Charley and Kiera.

Super use of colons and semi-colons by Brendan and Ben.

 Hockey with Mrs Baillie also had a number of stars.....

Kevin top goal scorer

Matthew man of the match

Erin girl of the match

 Maths Week

We can count to 10 in Greek.

We know that the shape names come from Greek and we had a go at drawing some many sided shapes like octagons and decagons.

We have been learning about Greek mathematicians Pythagoras and Archimedes.



Perth Theatre Design Challenge

Week beginning 2nd October: We are creating a set for Aladdin. We will be working in small groups to design a stage set for The Market, The Launderette or the Cave of Treasures.

Can everyone look out scraps of material, junk, sweetie papers, beads, buttons, ribbon, wrapping paper etc so that we can use it for our sets.


Everyone now has a log on for Sumdog which is an excellent site for practising mental maths skills. We will be using this in school and it would be brilliant if everyone could use this as part of Home Learning too

Studyladder is also a fantastic learning tool and our

      Stars this week are ……

Jack K and Charley

Well Done!

Outdoor Learning Day

We loved playing hundreds square games in the playground to practise French numbers to 100 and prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples.

Active spelling games outside was fun, too.

Rugby Taster session on Friday

The Big Run-some of us ran 2 miles!


Wider Achievement Time

Chloe says, “We picked Elderberries and made an elderberry juice with Mrs Amdura

Euan says, “I’ve been tidying the garden areas by pulling up all the weeds that have grown over the summer.”


Laila says, “Last week we made bird feeders and this week we made a wormery. It’s fun.”


Finally, prefects have been appointed and are doing a fabulous job already by helping around the school.





What a fantastic learning week we’ve had.

‘I liked doing the cyclops chalk drawings because it was different. The help guide made the pictures look really good,’ says Erin.

‘All the cyclops drawings are unique which is why I liked them’ says Casey.

‘We read a Greek myth about Odysseus tricking Polythemus the cyclops,’ says Kyle.

‘Our name patterns were fun to create,’ says Kiera.

‘Today we had a theatre design workshop where we learned the language used on the stage,’ says Charley.

We had to use our imagination to think up interesting ideas.

Our Star Pupil is Kiera. What a brilliant start to P7. Working hard and completing lots of Home Learning.

Emilka is our Top Trumps Champion. She earned lots of individual points and won the weekly Top Trump Battle. Well Done!

Mrs Collins is so proud of …..

Casey for her Big Write word count-252

Erin’s holiday diary that showed brilliant VCOP. She completed that during her summer break.

Kyle has really improved his talking and listening skills this week and been a super role model when out and about around the school.

Stevie Lee completing the AK Bell LibraryReading Challenge this summer.

Home Learning

Studyladder is set up and everyone has passwords and logins to use at home and school. This week I would like everyone to complete a reading and number task. If your child has no internet access at home they are very welcome to use computers in class at break or lunch.

Also, regular reading for enjoyment at home and times tables practice.

Spelling lists can also be practised at home, too.


Welcome back!

Primary 7 have had a super start to the new term and got straight into learning and keeping the Golden Rules. They are all aware of their new P7 responsibilities and many of them have been busy completing application forms to become new prefects!

P7 is always an exciting year with lots of different experiences. This term we look forward to a day trip to Lendrick Muir thanks to Supa Club funding and also we are participating in theatre set design workshops.


Full P.E Kit is required on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Water Bottles

As a health promoting school we encourage pupils to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Please can you ensure your child has a refillable bottle with them in school.


A focus this term is reading for enjoyment and everyone has chosen a library book. Most days there will be opportunities to read in class but it would also be beneficial if your child could read daily for a short time at home. 15 -20 minutes would be ideal. Library books should be kept in school bags so that books can be read in school and at home.


Learning times tables at home would really, really help all number learning in school. Practise with an adult or older sibling would be beneficial or playing ICT games.

The web link below is a fun way to practise all times table facts.



It was lovely to see some parents on Meet the Teacher afternoon.

I look forward to chatting further at Parent Contact in September. Any questions before then please make an appointment through the office as I am always happy to help and support your child. 

G. Collins 25.8.17