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P5/6 Blog – 20.04.18

We have had a busy first week back. Our main focus has been settling back into our class routines including discussions about “big deal” and “little deal” and reminding ourselves what “ready to learn” looks and feels like. We have continued to learn about Time in Maths, practised our numeracy skills via Big Maths and we are reading and understanding texts through our Harry Potter class novel along with one of two other shorter texts during group work. As we plan to play more playground games outside this term with the (hopefully) better weather, we have talked about the importance of everyone playing “by the rules.”  

Mrs Ross is very proud of everyone in P5/6 for presenting a brilliant Hogwarts Assembly at the end of last term. “Everyone thought you looked amazing in your Harry Potter cloaks with your wands and wand boxes. You were able to show-case your many skills – covering literacy work, maths and technology. Well done P5/6.”

We would all like to say a special thank-you to Mrs Colley and Mrs Hunter who helped us complete our cloaks just in the nick of time!

“It was really fun making my cloak” – Kya

“I enjoyed being harry Potter and having the puppet Hedwig” – Rhys

“I loved being Professor McGonagall but next time I will remember my glasses” – Charley

“It was fun being sorted into our Houses” – Joshua

“I enjoyed singing the Hogwarts song and getting to stand up first” – Chloe

“I was happy that Eve gave me a part of her script” – Paige

“I loved wearing a white beard” - Kenzie


P5/6 Blog - 21.03.18

Harry Potter Context

Over the last two weeks, we have been using our investigative skills to research information about owls. We have taken notes from the Internet and created owl fact-files – we didn’t realise how many different types of owls there are!

Taylor’s owl is the Greater Sooty Owl, Kenzie researched the Elf Owl,  Paige loves the Snowy Owl and Charlie investigated facts about the Brownwood Owl to name a few.

Some of us have been surprised at how little some owls are – Ellie’s owl is only 20cm long (the Unspotted Saw-Whet Owl) and is not even the length of a ruler while other owls like the Snowy Owl range between 50-70cm in length.

We then used our drawing skills to create our owls and used tissue paper and fluffy material to make them. 

Ryan used his cutting and painting skills to make a tree for the Ravenclaw owls behind his desk. Ruben made his tree near to his desk and Khai helped him to paint it. Charley started the Gryffindor tree and Hufflepuff will create their owlery soon.

Eve enjoyed making the Harry Potter train – all the carriages look stunning on the classroom wall and they are all different reflecting the unique ideas of each team. 

We all enjoyed making our Hogwarts Express tickets and have designed them carefully with gold pens!


We have completed our fraction work for now – the Decagons and Octagons were busy working with equivalent fractions and moved on to simplifying fractions.

The Hexagons worked well with halves and quarters. We cut up pancakes into different fractions and then ate them. That was fun!

Chloe is enjoying our new topic – time. Sometimes this is tricky but we are persevering and managing to tackle new learning. Rhys is pleased he is learning about all times and some of us even know 24 hour clock!

Growth Mindset

We are learning about the importance of developing a Growth Mindset and finding ways to support each other to be more positive. Following the Assembly on Monday, we have been watching some clips about the Learning Pit and we have created our own pictures with captions about it. Kya said “it’s best to get help if you are in the Pit and say to yourself I can’t do it . . . . . YET!”  

Ask your children for more information!


P5/6 Blog – 28.2.18

Scottish SPCA Visit

Justine from the SSPCA visited our classroom on Thursday 22nd February and we learned a lot about their work with animals. We watched some clips, played a game and discovered that there are more chickens in the world than people!

Context – Harry Potter

Last Friday, we enjoyed a brilliant game of “Quiddich” with P6. Caroline from Active Schools came to teach us how to play. We thoroughly enjoyed it and running about outside helped us to stay warm. Well done to everyone who took part and especially to those who thought it looked too difficult! You all managed to play really well. Once the snow disappears, we will play again!

Our classroom now looks like the inside of Hogwarts with most of the walls panelled! Today, we are working on our owlery and hope to have our owls made in the next week or so. The three “houses” will have a separate owlery each displayed differently in the classroom.  

Book Week

We enjoyed our “drop everything and read” session yesterday as part of our Book Week celebrations. One or two pupils even read their books outside at lunchtime!

Sumdog Challenge

Decagons/Octagons and Hexagons - log on to Sumdog and take part in the fraction challenge – it runs from 1pm today until 7.30pm on Sunday evening, 4th March. Test yourself on the different fractions of shapes and equivalent fractions. We will continue with simplifying fractions next week.

Stay and Learn

We look forward to welcoming parents and carers to our Stay and Learn session on Thursday 15th March at 9am.


P5/6 Blog – 26.01.18 

Context – Harry Potter

We have been busy with our Harry Potter context. We have all made our wands from wood, papier mache and paint and we love them. Here are some of our comments.

“I thought they were fun to make. We could choose our own stick then we glued paper to it, let it dry then painted it.”  (Rhys)

The boxes were quite hard to make but we managed. We used strong tape to hold them together and some of us used masking tape. We tried to solve our design problem.” (Charlie)

 I used a Stanley knife to cut out the boxes from cardboard. I really enjoyed doing this and I was very careful.” (Ryan)

“I enjoyed painting my wand purple and black.” (Ellis)

We have almost completed our wand boxes made of thin cardboard which we measured out and designed. They will be painted and lined with felt this week and will be an impressive addition to our Harry Potter creations. Next week, we will continue to panel our classroom with wallpaper and paint.    



We all continue to complete our Beat That Maths weekly and many of us have moved up to the next level. Copies are usually sent home weekly for extra practise and so that everyone at home can see progress being made. Similarly, our weekly CLIC challenges are completed and sent home from time to time with key learning from Big Maths.

Please help with times tables at home – constant practise is essential!



Spelling is sent home weekly for home learning and we encourage everyone to learn their spelling through “active” tasks. We also have a Talking Word Wall in class where we talk about a selection of words each week from our reading or from general conversation. We often act out the words and others have to guess which word it is!

In writing, we have been learning to write letters and use a correct letter layout. Our Harry Potter context has helped us to write character descriptions using lots of “wow” words and we are about to start writing about the story setting – Diagon Alley and Hogwarts.



We are reading Harry Potter almost daily with chosen readers  which helps us to tackle tricky texts and sound out words we don’t know. It also helps our confidence to read to the whole class. Here are some of our comments.

“I enjoy reading Harry Potter to the class.” (Kenzie)

“I enjoy reading Harry Potter to the class although there are some tricky words which I persevere with. I have read the first book already and finished the second book too. I am now reading the third book.” (Charley)

“I am enjoying the Harry Potter book.” (Stevie)

Some groups also read their own reading book (fiction and non-fiction texts) in class and answer questions orally or in writing.

We are enjoying paired reading with P3 which takes place three times each week. We have met our reading partners and have enjoyed a session or two already.   

We also select our own books for silent reading in class daily and we are all able to say why we have chosen our books, what we like about our books/don’t like and we can summarise the main points of the text. We often complete a reading passport when we complete a book, giving these details and a recommendation out of 5!    


P5 Swimming

It was very exciting for the P5s last week who went swimming for the first time with the P5s from P4/5. There was great excitement all morning!

“It was fun going to swimming for the first time with school and I was a strong swimmer at the deep end.” (Kenzie)

“It is good to go swimming with the school as well as having my own swimming lessons.” (Jack)

“I liked going swimming with the class but it was hard. I think I managed well.” (Ellie)

“I enjoyed going swimming with all the P5s. It was fun and I liked the group I was put in. (Ellis)

“I used to be a good swimmer but I forgot how to swim. I remembered a bit when I had had some time in the pool.” (Rhys)


Burns Assembly – 26.01.18

On Friday, the P5/6 finalists took to the stage and performed their Scottish poems/readings/songs.

Congratulations to all in P5/6 who tried to learn their Scottish piece for the class and a special “well done” to our finalists.



P5/6 Blog – 08.12.17

Book Week

One of the main highlights of Book Week was a paired reading session with P2 where we all selected a picture book and paired up with a partner in Mrs Adamson’s class. We put together a checklist which we followed and the first thing we had to do was to introduce ourselves and smile! We were then able to introduce our book – front cover, author, illustrator, leaf through the book and ask a few questions - before we started to read. In fact, we enjoyed this so much that Charlie-Anne asked on Thursday “isn’t it time for paired reading with P2 again!”

Happily, we will be taking part in paired reading activities next term with another class once arrangements are finalised.

The other main highlight was our trip to the cinema to see “Wonder”. We loved the book and were so excited when we discovered we were going to see the film at the end of Book Week. Not only that but on release day – and our own private viewing! We all enjoyed the film very much. Some of us preferred the book because it was more detailed while others preferred the film. We walked to the cinema smartly after enjoying breakfast in school and took the bus back to Letham at lunch-time.

Afterwards, we discussed the differences between the book and the film (of which there were many) and also talked about how difficult it must be to make a film from a book, especially which parts to exclude! Thanks to our support staff and Robyn’s Mum for their help on the day.

Harry Potter/Literacy

Our Hogwarts classroom is taking shape with all the windows completed. We are all really proud of them. We have created character descriptions of our own wizards and have written about them using “wow” words. Rhys wanted to tell everyone that we “up-levelled our writing this week to include better openers and handwriting.”

We are making steady progress with the first book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and Charley said “we are making Harry Potter dictionaries of all the words we don’t know from each chapter of the book and we will be adding words to our dictionaries all the time.” This should help us develop our vocabulary.


The Decagons and Octagons have completed their learning about division for now and we are going back to revise multiplication using Big Maths. The Hexagons are busy getting to grips with the link between division and multiplication.

Health & Wellbeing

We completed our formal learning about Core Values with a discussion and clip about Friendliness and Inclusion. We enjoyed watching the clip about Diffendoofer School in the book “Diffendoofer Day” by Dr Seuss. We all know that we will continue to talk about the importance of Core Values almost every day.

Christmas Concert Preparations      

Preparations have begun for the forthcoming concert with a reminder that class Christmas Hampers will be put together with small donations from the class. Hampers will be colour coded and our P5/6 colour is silver or white.      




P5/6 Blog – Term 2


P5/6 have had a busy few weeks since the start of term.

We had a fire safety talk from the local fire brigade in class just before Halloween and we were reminded to stay away from fireworks and bonfires. Ryan said when we use sparklers we need some water beside us to dip the sparkler in when it is finished.  

We completed our Theatre Design Boxes in time for our shared learning on 1st November when our parents/carers came in to look at our wonderful boxes. We shared our profiles and other jotters at the same time. Mrs Salem from Perth Theatre came in to photograph our boxes and loved them!

Last week, we completed our newspaper articles about the new Perth Theatre which we had redrafted and compared to our originals. Our second copies were much better and we hope to send them to Mrs Salem at the Theatre!

In Maths, the Decagons and Octagons have been learning how to take away by exchanging and this week, we are now learning to divide with remainders. Although it is tricky, we are persevering.

The Hexagons know their 3 x table well and now need to work on quick recall. They are working with Jigsaw numbers this week to 20 - 90 and have started to move on to Jigsaw numbers to 100.

In Art, we created a haunted house out of black paper and paint which are displayed on our wall. They look very spooky!

This week we started our Harry Potter topic after everyone received a special invitation in the post! We borrowed Miss Oliver’s “Sorting Hat” which “sorted” everyone into three houses:

Griffindor - for the bold and strong, who have courage and know right from wrong!

Ravenclaw - for keen learners who love learning and ace every test!  

Hufflepuff - for those who are kind, loyal and honest to friends in need!

We are working hard this week to make lovely banners with the House crest which we will paint and hang above each House!

Here are some of our comments so far . . . . .

“We are doing Harry Potter for our topic and it is fun to do it!” Charlie

I like the Harry Potter topic because we will learn about magic!” Jack

The Harry Potter topic is awesome, cool and epic!” Aidan

The Harry Potter topic is really fun and amazing because I love all of the Harry Potter books and movies!” Ellie

The Harry Potter topic is really exciting. We will find out about Harry Potter art, make wands and make banners!” Robyn and Mia

Finally, take a look through our “Sorting Hat” Gallery!




P5/6 Blog – 15.09.17

We have been trying hard to follow our Core Values this week – we are focusing on honesty, fairness and responsibility.

Sometimes we find following these Core Values tricky but we are persevering. Well done to everyone.



In Maths week, we learned about

  • vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry
  • different 2D shapes and their lines of symmetry
  • co-ordinates - on a real map of Perth and completed a quiz using our maps

We also completed our Big Maths Beat That challenge.



We have different groups who are working hard at their spelling – each group have different words every week.

Most days we do some active spelling on whiteboards, on blackboards or we use playdough.



We have written about our favourite places in Perth and this week we made persuasive leaflets about our beautiful city.


Home Learning


On a Monday, we write down our new spelling words in our jotters and learn them at home using active spelling strategies. Well done to everyone who managed to complete this task.


My daughter, Anna, really enjoyed her work experience with the class and P5/6 enjoyed having her too!


P5/6 Blog – 18.08.17

We are two classes who have combined into P5/6. In the last 4 days, we have worked together well.

We have all been helping each other to settle into class by trying to be kind, honest and responsible. We now have class rules which we will try to follow every day.

We have been putting together information about ourselves which is now on our classroom wall with our photographs.

Our class novel is called “Wonder” and we are enjoying it.

We have been practising our listening skills and are trying to follow our noise-meter.