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Breakfast Club - Important Information

Please see the information below which we have been asked to share with all parents and  carers. From the start of the new school year in August 2016 all children will pay £2 per day for Breakfast Club.


At the Special Council meeting of 11 February on setting the Councils budget for 2016-19, it was agreed that the current subsidy supporting Breakfast Clubs would be reduced and the service charges adjusted accordingly. Consequently, charges will increase to £2 for all pupils from Tuesday 16 August 2016. There will be no free places irrespective of free school meal entitlement.

It is worth understanding that free places and subsidised charging have been maintained by Perth and Kinross Council for 5 years now. The real positive is that we have still got a Breakfast Club service to offer you.

The club operates from 8am each school day until school starts. It provides a nutritious breakfast selection, good social atmosphere, participation in informal activities and, as such, is a great start to the school day.

The Breakfast Club will not normally require you to reserve places as it works on a drop-in basis. Accordingly it is your responsibility for the child’s safe arrival into the school. Please note that school absence procedures will not be active until normal class time begins.

We look forward to your child(ren) being able to continue to enjoy Breakfast Club.

Please note that there is no increase to school lunch prices or impact on free school lunch entitlement (including all P1-P3 pupils) as a result of this change