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We are delighted to officially announce our first 10 Prefects for session 18/19. Mrs Forbes, Mrs White and the Pupil Council found it really tricky to narrow it down but are confident they have picked well. Our Letham Prefects are excellent role models who always follow the school rules - well done!  They will soon have a list of responsibilities which we will share with the whole school during our next Get Together.


 During our Get Together on Monday 20th August 2018 our Pupil Council helped Mrs Forbes share the job description for our P7 Prefects. The Pupil Council will help Mrs Forbes and Mrs White choose eight prefects this year. They will be responsible for helping everyone keep the school rules and will have additional duties including helping out at lunchtimes, showing visitors around the school,  Parent Contact etc. 

Any P7 wishing to be a prefect should consider the following points when applying for the post.  Forms must be submitted by Thursday 23rd August.

Skills for Learning, Life & Work - LEADERSHIP

  • Value the views and contributions of others
  • Support others in thinking, seeing and working in new ways
  • Show determination to achieve the highest standards for all
  • Show initiative
  • Be a good listener and know team members well
  • Model effective behaviour to others