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Week 7 - Primary 4/5 Blog


We have had a very busy term learning lots of different things!



We completed the Water Aid water passing challenge!










Bailey came up with a great idea about making a Tsunami on a plate!  We really enjoyed experimenting with different material to create our 3D models.


Week 6 - Primary 4/5 Blog

This week we have been learning about Tsunamis.

  • A Tsunami is a big wave and is also known as a wave train - because lot of waves keep coming after each other.
  • The waves crash over land.
  • The word Tsunami comes from Japan.
  • Japan, Canada, Italy and America have all suffered from a Tsunami.
  • Tsunamis start in the sea.
  • Tsunamis can cause lots of damage - death, homes, buildings, vehicles can all be affected.

In maths some of us have been learning about exchanging.

Spelling groups have been learning about different sounds and blends.

Group 1 - 'ea' words

Group 2 - 've' words

Group 3 - 'qu' words

In P.E we have been practising our gymnastic skills - circle roll, different stretches, straddle rolls, some people can do backward rolls, side rolls and forward rolls.

In Literacy we have been focussing on our handwriting and up-levelling our sentences like this.......

Instead of writing 'I went to the shop'.... we can write.....

'On Saturday, I went to the sweet shop, which was blue, with my friends.'

This makes our sentences more interesting to read.

Last week we made 3D volcanoes!






 Week 5 - Primary 4/5 Blog

Kieran – I’ve been putting numbers in order and making 3 x table fortune tellers.

Leah – I’ve been learning about codes during our Murder Mystery Problem Solving in maths.

Sarina - We’ve been practising our 3 x tables and doubling 3 digit numbers

Hollie – I have been enjoying doubling numbers and doing vertical sums.

Ella – I’ve enjoyed our maths this week.

Lewis – I’ve enjoyed learning about natural disasters.

Dakota – I enjoyed learning about time.

Amber D – I enjoyed making the 3D volcano and painting them and writing my story about a Ware wolf Unicorn.

Most of the class have enjoyed making up stories after watching Authors Live with Pamela Butchart.


A reminder to bring a gym kit to school every day.


Mrs Mollison and Primary 4/5



Week 4 - Primary 4/5 Blog


We had a busy week again in P4/5.

We took part in some outdoor learning - using a stopwatch to time each other jumping, running and walking.

On Friday, we had a rugby sessions, it was good fun!  We played games and learned some Rugby skills. 

Every Sunday there are rugby sessions at the North Inch, there are flyers at reception with all the information.

We are currently tracking hurricane Irma over Florida and are learning about how different natural disasters affect people. 

Use the website http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/cyclones/  to find out more and to track it from home.


Mrs Mollison and P4/5





Week 3 - Primary 4/5 Blog

 We have been working on co-operation skills in P.E and we have discovered that some of us are better than others at working together.  We need to stop complaining about each other and decide whether things are a small, medium or a big deal before we start complaining or telling on other.


We have also started our reading groups - please talk to us about our books.

This is what the children say about their learning....

Alfie  - 'I made a comic book'

Bailey - ' I made three comic books'

Sophie - ' I learned bonjour and au revoir'

Jaiah  - 'I learned the different natural disasters. (hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, volcanoes, landslides, avalanche, flood and drought)'

Amber M - 'I learned that volcanoes can erupt at any second'

Aimee -  'We have practised the 3X table'

Amy-Lee  - 'When I finish my work, I have been using the computer'

Written by,  Mrs Mollison, Amy-Lee and Lewis

 Week 2 - Primary 4/5 Blog


This week we have developed many skills.


Team work


Taking turns

How to be a good citizen


We took part in a STEM challenge which developed lots of these skills.






Week 1 - Primary 4/5 Blog

We have been busy this week getting to know each other and our new teacher Mrs Mollison

Some of the thing we have enjoyed doing are……

  • Maths Bingo
  • Writing about ourselves
  • 3D Trees in Art
  • Reading books like – Poo in the Zoo and The Day the Crayons Quit
  • Starting our class Novel – George’s Marvellous Medicine
  • Creating our P4/5 Puzzle display
  • Designing our own peg for our emotional check ins
  • Creating our own name label so that Mrs Mollison can learn our names
  • Earning gems and crystals, 5 gems = 1 crystal, earn 2 crystals and get a prize!

P4/5 have P.E with Mr Stephen on Monday and Wednesday and Daily Physical Activity time every day.

Please make sure your child brings a water bottle to school as well as a full P.E kit.

All uniform and gym kit clothes should be labelled if possible.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.


Mrs Mollison