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Monday  - Homework to be handed in

                 Gym Kit

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Gym Kit

Thursday - Music - Swimming

Friday - Gym Kit


St Andrews Auarium

What a fanstastic day we had!




This week Primary 4/5 have been......

  • learning how to play rounders
  • our topic is  'Under the Sea' and we are enjoying learning about Whales
  • We have been writing a report about Killer Whales
  • We have been outside to measure the length of a Blue Whale
  • We took notes about Killer Whales while we watched a film about them
  • We have been learning about finding the total of different prices and giving change
  • We were converting money from £ to pence and pence to £
  • In French we have been learning how to say some Sea Creatures names and we created a snap or pairs game to help us practise.  Next week we will be teaching the P4's how to say these words in French and playing our games with them!
  • In maths we have been playing money bingo and money loop cards
  • In P.E we have been practising the triple jump - you need to HOP, STEP then JUMP!
  • In music we have been learning about diction - diction means to pronounce the words correctly and clearly!

Useful dates......

5th June - Trip to St Andrews Aquarium

7th June - Guides Coffee Morning

15th June - Move up Day

18th June - FUN RUN

19th June - SPORTS DAY

22nd June - Stay and Play BBQ

28th June - End of Term

Rounders with P4/5 - With Ambers' dodgy throwing (she gave me permission to say that!)

French snap

French snap


10. 5.18

Some of us have been creating Sea Creatures out of clay.





We looked at the features of the sea animals and used toothpicks, plastic tools and paintbrushes to add detail to our models.  After that we painted them!








This week we have been learning all about RESPECT!

Respect is.......

 respect is being truthful by Aimee

 espect is not talking over others by Ella!

  • being thoughtful of others by Amber D
  • respect is helping others by leah
  • respect is no name calling by Connor
  • respect is being nice to others by liam
  • respect is caring to people you know by helping them and they will care for you by bailey mckinney
  • showing respect means to be encouraging and to be a good friend and class mate by amylee
  • when you see a pupil all alone and has no one to play with go up to them and ask them what is wrong then ask if they want to play a game it would be very kind by maja


We are going to practise showing RESPECT to each other and our environment!

Please check TWITTER for recent pictures


27.3.18 - Easter Fun!

P4/5 spent time designing and then creating an Egg Model!


Here they are - what do you think of them?





We used Algorithms today!

We used Algorithms as part of our ICT learning - Coding off-line!

Click here for next weeks homework - make sure you look at the correct page for your spelling group, either 1,2 or 3!




Read about our learning.


Numeracy Learning

We now know our fact family’s +,-,times and dividing

We also know all our fractions. AND THEY ARE FUN!

We can use a fractions wall to help us with our fractions

Now we all know our 3 times table and some off us now know our 4 times table 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44and48.

Some times we also do chimney sums/up and down sums.


From Ella and Connor



We have been learning about Europe and its landmarks and its food

We have been learning how to speak in different languages    

We have been learning about European countries    

Our assembly is on Friday 9th march 2018  

By Alfie and Leah


We have been learning to say a lot of words for our assembly. 

We are also we are learning funny song it is about no flour in Scotland.  We are very, very excited because we are doing it front of are mums and dads.

By Jaiah


P5 Swimming  

We go on our back and our front and do breast stroke.  It is fun. 

 by Sophie  

We go on our back and lift our hands it is called a back stroke. 

And we get to put our head in the water and blow bubbles. 

By Hollie



Literacy Learning

Write and talk about the letters to Adam (Mrs Mollison’s son) and from Adam. It is lots of fun. 

Vocabulary Connectives Openers Punctuation. 

We have been making our own books about Homophones. 

We use describing words in our writing. 

Capital letters and full stops. 


By Maja, Jessica, Kayleigh and Amber.D



Please expect your child to bring home learning home on a Monday to be handed in by the Friday.



Fractions Frenzy!                                                  22.2.18

Take part in the P4/5 competition for homework!

Learning about Fractions – halves, quarters and thirds.

Can you find 1/3 of a shape?

Do you know which fraction is bigger, ½ or ¾ 's?

Test your knowledge.

Log in to Sumdog to find out more.

Competition is running from 22.2.18 – 2.3.18 (closes at 7.30pm)





The Planetarium Visit

We think it was fun because we seen what it looks in like space from LEAH and Amber m.

We think it was fun because it was dark and we seen stars and constellations from Liam\Alfie.

We that that it was scary that the stars wear moving and it was dark Iosif\Amy-lee

It was dark and cool at the same time.  And I loved it so much by Hollie

 I didn’t like it because it was dark

It gave me a sore head.

I didn’t like it because it was dark and scary by Sophie

I am the same as Sophie by Jaiah

I really liked it because it was scary and I thought the igloo was moving and it was really dark by KJ

I think the Planetarium was a waste of time Kieran and Lewis

I liked the facts and stars it would have been way better. I didn’t like it by Maja and Amber . M



This week was Mrs Clephane’s last week at Letham Primary School. We will all miss her very much and wish her luck in her new schools.  We had a lovely assembly for her this morning and she was presented with cards from every class and gifts from the school and Parents Association.


Here are some messages -

Sophie- I will miss you very much and I will miss the numicon group.

Jaiah – Dear Mrs Clephane, I will miss the numicon group so much, thank you for the kinder sweet.

Hollie – I hope you liked all of your cards and flowers.

Mrs Mollison – I have only known you for a short time, but your help and knowledge have been very helpful and appreciated. You are a great staff member, funny, kind, caring and happy!  I hope to work with you again sometime soon!


Useful information:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - P.E days - please bring a full PE kit to school

Practise Scots poem for judging next week please

Planetarium has been postponed due to weather

P4/5 Curriculum information sheet link here








We have been talking about New Year Resolutions this week.



Amber D, Aimee and Jaiah - stop giggling with my friends so much!

Lewis- Do more Parkour and football

Jessica - swim more

Hollie - stop going to the shop so much

Sophie - stop talking when other people are talking

Kayliegh - get better at football skills

Bailey - to be the best You Tuber at Letham

Sarina - not to talk in the middle of class

Leah - to draw different things

Iosif - to drink more water

Amber M - to run 5 miles every day

Maja - to learn my times tables

Connor - to learn the 6 times table

Ella - to be more fit at gymnastics

Dakota - to eat healthier and learn how to hand spring

Liam - to learn my 5 times table

Alfie - to start swimming


Lets hope we can all stick to these!




This week we have been learning our song for the Carol concert which is on Tuesday 19th December at 2pm.  Here are the words for it - practise it at home.


Jingle Bells

Vive le vent,

Vive le vent,

Vive le vent d’hiver!

Q’ui s’en va, sifflant, soufflant,

Dans les grande sapins vert! Hey!


Vive le vent,

Vive le vent,

Vive le von d’hiver!

Q’ui s’en va, sifflant, soufflant,

Dans les grande sapins vert!


Dashing through the snow,

On a one horse open sleigh,

O’er the fields we go,

Laughing all the way.


Bells on bobtails ring,

Making spirits bright,

What fun it is to ride and sing,

A sleigbell song tonight! Hey!

Vive le vent,

Vive le vent,

Vive le vent d’hiver!

Q’ui s’en va, sifflant, soufflant,

Dans les grande sapins vert! Hey!


Vive le vent,

Vive le vent,

Vive le von d’hiver!

Q’ui s’en va, sifflant, soufflant,

Dans les grande sapins vert!


Here is P4/5 's Winter Wonderland pictures!  We made them using 2D shapes and we were practising our cutting skills.





Our learning this week in picture form!







Click here to see what your child will be learning about this term.




Aimee Gallacher - this one is for you!


Jaiah created a game at home! 

It helped children to learn their sounds and their common words!


 Jaiah and Connor took it to show the P1/2 class with Miss Simpson.


They loved it!




This week we have learned a bit about Guy Fawkes, Bonfire Safety rules and we created posters.

 We then visited some classes to show them our posters and talk to them about how to stay safe on Bonfire night.

Here are our videos - we hope you enjoy them!













Do you like our Halloween Ghostly treats?

Dakota kindly made us all a Halloween cookie - thank you Dakota!






Home Learning 30.10.17

Spelling words are in your child's homework jotter.

Group 1 words - words ending in 'ing'

Group 2 - Words ending in 'ce' - fence, choice, mince, dance, pence, force, voice, prince, chance, trance, palace

Group 3 - Words using 'ai' - rail, sail, tail, fail, nail, rain, pain, maid, paid, snail, train, trail

Read daily using books from home


Week 8 - Primary 4/5 Blog



This week the P4/5 enjoyed painting zombies on leaves!








We have also learned how to do 'Smile Multiplication'.  Ask me about it and I will show you what it is!

Today we were given our Library cards for the school library.  We all chose a book to keep in our trays and we will be changing them ever week.

We are looking forward to the Halloween Disco - Friday 27th at 7pm.

Amy-Lee - I am dressing up as Circus Baby

Amber D - I am dressing up as a unicorn

Sophie - I will be a vampire

Jaiah - I will be Chucky's Bride

Kayleigh - I am dressing up as a cat with a mask

Dakota - I will be a dead cat!

Aimee-  I will be a cat

Leah - I am going to be a dead cheerleader!

Reminder - Please bring in a gym kit every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

                   Homework jotters back every Monday

                   Water bottle every day


Home Learning

Practise Learn It's

STEP 9 and STEP 10 (see Home Learning page on Website)

Practise spelling words in jotter


Week 7 - Primary 4/5 Blog



We have had a very busy term learning lots of different things!



We completed the Water Aid water passing challenge!








Bailey came up with a great idea about making a Tsunami on a plate!  We really enjoyed experimenting with different material to create our 3D models.


Week 6 - Primary 4/5 Blog

This week we have been learning about Tsunamis.

  • A Tsunami is a big wave and is also known as a wave train - because lot of waves keep coming after each other.
  • The waves crash over land.
  • The word Tsunami comes from Japan.
  • Japan, Canada, Italy and America have all suffered from a Tsunami.
  • Tsunamis start in the sea.
  • Tsunamis can cause lots of damage - death, homes, buildings, vehicles can all be affected.

In maths some of us have been learning about exchanging.

Spelling groups have been learning about different sounds and blends.

Group 1 - 'ea' words

Group 2 - 've' words

Group 3 - 'qu' words

In P.E we have been practising our gymnastic skills - circle roll, different stretches, straddle rolls, some people can do backward rolls, side rolls and forward rolls.

In Literacy we have been focussing on our handwriting and up-levelling our sentences like this.......

Instead of writing 'I went to the shop'.... we can write.....

'On Saturday, I went to the sweet shop, which was blue, with my friends.'

This makes our sentences more interesting to read.

Last week we made 3D volcanoes!






 Week 5 - Primary 4/5 Blog

Kieran – I’ve been putting numbers in order and making 3 x table fortune tellers.

Leah – I’ve been learning about codes during our Murder Mystery Problem Solving in maths.

Sarina - We’ve been practising our 3 x tables and doubling 3 digit numbers

Hollie – I have been enjoying doubling numbers and doing vertical sums.

Ella – I’ve enjoyed our maths this week.

Lewis – I’ve enjoyed learning about natural disasters.

Dakota – I enjoyed learning about time.

Amber D – I enjoyed making the 3D volcano and painting them and writing my story about a Ware wolf Unicorn.

Most of the class have enjoyed making up stories after watching Authors Live with Pamela Butchart.


A reminder to bring a gym kit to school every day.


Mrs Mollison and Primary 4/5



Week 4 - Primary 4/5 Blog


We had a busy week again in P4/5.

We took part in some outdoor learning - using a stopwatch to time each other jumping, running and walking.

On Friday, we had a rugby sessions, it was good fun!  We played games and learned some Rugby skills. 

Every Sunday there are rugby sessions at the North Inch, there are flyers at reception with all the information.

We are currently tracking hurricane Irma over Florida and are learning about how different natural disasters affect people. 

Use the website http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/cyclones/  to find out more and to track it from home.


Mrs Mollison and P4/5





Week 3 - Primary 4/5 Blog

 We have been working on co-operation skills in P.E and we have discovered that some of us are better than others at working together.  We need to stop complaining about each other and decide whether things are a small, medium or a big deal before we start complaining or telling on other.


We have also started our reading groups - please talk to us about our books.

This is what the children say about their learning....

Alfie  - 'I made a comic book'

Bailey - ' I made three comic books'

Sophie - ' I learned bonjour and au revoir'

Jaiah  - 'I learned the different natural disasters. (hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, volcanoes, landslides, avalanche, flood and drought)'

Amber M - 'I learned that volcanoes can erupt at any second'

Aimee -  'We have practised the 3X table'

Amy-Lee  - 'When I finish my work, I have been using the computer'

Written by,  Mrs Mollison, Amy-Lee and Lewis

 Week 2 - Primary 4/5 Blog


This week we have developed many skills.


Team work


Taking turns

How to be a good citizen


We took part in a STEM challenge which developed lots of these skills.






Week 1 - Primary 4/5 Blog

We have been busy this week getting to know each other and our new teacher Mrs Mollison

Some of the thing we have enjoyed doing are……

  • Maths Bingo
  • Writing about ourselves
  • 3D Trees in Art
  • Reading books like – Poo in the Zoo and The Day the Crayons Quit
  • Starting our class Novel – George’s Marvellous Medicine
  • Creating our P4/5 Puzzle display
  • Designing our own peg for our emotional check ins
  • Creating our own name label so that Mrs Mollison can learn our names
  • Earning gems and crystals, 5 gems = 1 crystal, earn 2 crystals and get a prize!

P4/5 have P.E with Mr Stephen on Monday and Wednesday and Daily Physical Activity time every day.

Please make sure your child brings a water bottle to school as well as a full P.E kit.

All uniform and gym kit clothes should be labelled if possible.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.


Mrs Mollison